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Bill Clinton/Al Gore 43.1%44,909,889370     Republican George H.W. Bush/Dan Quayle Incumbent37.5%39,104,545168     Independent Ross Perot/James Stockdale 19%19,742,2670     Libertarian Andre Marrou/Nancy lord 0.3%291,6280     Populist James "Bo" Gritz 0.1%107,0020Total Votes104,155,331538Election outcomes via: 1992 official election results

Other candidates that showed up on the ballot received less than 0.1% the the vote. Those candidates included: Lenora Fulani, Howard Phillips, john Hagelin, Ron Daniels, lyndon LaRouche, James Mac Warren, attracted Bradford, Jack Herer, man Quinn Brisben, Helen Halyard, man Yiamouyiannis, Delbert Ehlers, Earl Dodge, Jim Boren, Eugene Hem, Isabelle Masters, Robert J. Smith and also Gloria Estella La Riva.<7>



Clinton to be the 2nd president in U.S. History to be impeached. He confronted four charges from the House, two of i m sorry passed top top December 20, 1998. The 2 charges that passed were perjury before a federal grand jury and obstruction that justice, both stemming indigenous Clinton lying about an affair he had with then-White house intern Monica Lewinsky. Two various other charges—regarding a sex-related harassment sue by Paula Jones and also abuse the power—failed in the House.<8> ~ above February 12, 1999, Clinton to be acquitted by the Senate top top both charges.<9>


The Congressional budget Office reported a budget surplus between the year 1998 and 2000, the last three years that Clinton"s presidency.<10> Clinton left office through the highest possible end-of-office approval rating of any kind of U.S. President since World battle II.<11><12>

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Clinton is married to Hillary Rodham Clinton, through whom he has actually a daughter, Chelsea.<2>