jeans were an initial created as a long lasting material for laborers and miners in the American West. The comfort, performance, and also durability were as much a fight then together they space now. Only, this day we’re slightly an ext focused ~ above cleanliness and also fashion than world were in the 1800s.

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So, what is the 21st century typical for cleaning your pants? due to the fact that your great, great (great, great, great) grandpa most likely never told you, this is the low-down top top how often you must wash your jeans:

Are You claimed to Wash your Jeans?

Yes, you have to wash her jeans. Yet not every time you wear them.

A college student at the university of Alberta wore his jeans for 15 months straight without a wash, climate tested the bacteria levels. He discovered that the jeans had actually just as much bacteria on castle after 13 days of no washing them as they did after 15 months. A little gross, however in the surname of science, as they say.

So how regularly do most world wash their jeans? follow to Mashable, 27% of people wear their jeans about three times before washing them, 21% wear them 5+ times, and also 8% of people wash their blue jeans every time castle wear them. But some denim gurus to speak you should never wash her jeans.

Washing your jeans after every wear and never, ever before throwing them in the wash room both quite extreme. Landing somewhere in the middle of the spectrum has benefits for your hygiene, her jeans’ durability, and the planet. Not to mention, the fewer time you to wash your jeans the much longer they’ll last. Did you understand that by extending the life of your pants by simply 9 months, you’ll conserve over 250 gallons of water? it is a win-win.

Ultimately, how long you have the right to go there is no washing her jeans depends on exactly how much friend sweat, how countless times girlfriend wear them, what you perform in them, and also where friend live. A great rule of ignorance is to to wash your blue jeans after every 3-10 wears, or when they begin to smell. If she regularly active in your blue jeans (think: hand-operated work, anything wherein you job-related up a sweat), wash them every 3 wears, however if you’re functioning at a desk, you can probably go as much as 10 wears.

The Right means to Wash your Jeans

No matter exactly how long you walk without washing them, you’ll ultimately have come wash her jeans. And also the best method to acquire your denim clean while extending its life and also conserving water? A good old fashioned hand wash.

How come Hand Wash your Jeans


Step 1: Fill her sink v cold water. Step 2: add ½ tsp of gentle detergent. Action 3: use a spot treatment on any stains. Step 4: Zip every zippers, switch all buttons, and tie every ties. Dot all i’s and also cross all t’s. step 5: Submerge your jeans in the cold laundry detergent water. Step 6: permit them soak for 10-20 minutes. Action 7: obstacle the stained and heavily soiled locations with a soft-bristled brush. Action 8: Rinse completely with cold water. Action 9: revolve your jeans inside out. Step 10: Hang her jeans up to airdry.

How long does to median pair of blue jeans last? once you to wash them correctly, they deserve to last 5-10 years or more. This hand washing an approach is best, however if you’re strapped for time, over there are various other easy options.

How To device Wash your Jeans

If you need an easier and also faster method to clean your jeans, you can rely on your washing machine to acquire the task done. Make certain you follow these tips to stop damaging your blue jeans or your various other clothes.

Wash jeans inside the end to protect against fading and fiber damage.Use the tenderness or delicate cycle.Use a mild detergent and no bleach.Never use warm water, together it can ravage denim fibers. The first time friend wash blue jeans in the washing machine, they might bleed part color. Make certain to wash them alone therefore they don’t damage other garments.After washing blue jeans once, you can then wash them with various other dark clothing.Hang her jeans approximately air dry so castle don"t shrink.

Damaged denim fibres

How To dry Your jeans Properly

Are you claimed to dry blue jeans in the dryer? Heat and tumbling space the worst possible combo because that cotton-based fabric and also can decrease your denim’s durability. Air drying 100% cotton jeans will keep fibers indigenous breaking under prematurely.

However, newer technical cloth plays by different rules. While hang dry is always effective, blue jeans that are made v a mix of yarn that incorporate elastin i will not ~ react like your an excellent granddaddy’s denim. Because that these high-stretch jeans, tumble dry on low heat can help them snap back to their original shape.

How to Take care of jeans Without Washing Them

If you desire to prolong the quantity of time and also wears between washing your jeans (and conserve water) right here are part handy techniques. Shot these tip out instead of washing your jeans:

Hang them inside-out, in the sun - The UV radiation will aid kill bacteria and also the fresh air will assist with odor. Just make sure you revolve them inside the end so the sun doesn’t discolour them.Steam them - You deserve to hang them nearby while she in the shower or invest in a fabric steamer. The vapor will freshen them up and aid kill off germs.Spot wash them - friend don’t need to laundry the whole thing to obtain out stains. Hand wash spots for a quick and also sustainable alternative.Soak castle in cold water and vinegar -This an approach locks in the dye, maintaining your jeans dark and also your furniture clean. The mild acid neutralizes bacteria and eliminates smells.

Hang your jeans inside the end in the sun

Recap: how to make Your jeans Last Longer

If the an initial denim wearers to be still around, they’d phone call you that minimizing how plenty of times you to wash your blue jeans keeps them more powerful for longer. While castle didn’t have actually the high-end of continual laundry, today’s requirements say the after 3-10 wears, the time to offer your jeans a clean. Make certain to use cold water, turn your blue jeans inside out, and don"t overdo it with the detergent. Then, hang your jeans to dry and also you’ll be ready for old-west-style adventures in them--or simply looking good in the office--for year to come.

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Now your jeans are all set for any type of adventure

Want a pair of blue jeans that will certainly last for ages and stay lookin’ sharp (even if it’s to be a while since you’ve to wash them)? Our towel is draft to avoid odors, which way you have the right to skip a few washes (even 10) and still smell clean as a fresh breeze. Examine out our arsenal of Men’s Jeans and Women’s blue jeans now.