TheVoiceis among the most famous competition television reflects of every time! One the show, over there are 4 voice coaches who placed together teams of singers based on their performances.

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They select several competitors, coach them throughout the season, and also hopefully come to be the winning coach. Premiering onApril 26, 2011, the present has completed an superior 15 seasons so far, v celebrity judges that have consisted of talents such as Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Miley Cyrus, and of course, Adam Levine.

The handsome Maroon 5 frontman has actually been on the show because day one, leaving fans to wonder exactly how many times Adam Levine has actually wonThe Voice.

Season one victory

Team Adam to be the winner that the very first season that the show, leading contestant javier Colon to victory. After ~ going under in history as the very first winning coach the the extremely successful show, that is safe to say that Adam’s ego inflated simply a bit! Naturally, that did a good job at coaching Javier, and also fans that the present were just blown away by his talent. Adam seemed rather proud to have a place in his red chair, laugh throughout every episode, and also nurturing every of his contestants with the guidance that they needed and also deserved. Although fans of the display may have actually expected Adam to walk on a win streak, it was numerous seasons before he would end up as the winning coach again.

Winning season five

By the moment the present entered its 5th season, fans to be hooked. Castle couldn’t get enough of the show and also tuned in for every illustration so that they wouldn’t miss out on a thing. ~ three seasons without a win, everyone was ~ above the edge of your seat to view what would take place in season five, and they were no disappointed, together Adam Levine celebrated his second win together a coach, this time guiding Tessanne Chin come victory.

Season ninesuccess

Although Adam didn’t storage a success in periods six, seven, or eight, he went on come coach the present in its nine season alongside Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, and also Pharrell Williams. The competition was fierce, and also there were many talented contestants performing, leaving pan to wonder who would walk all the way. The first episode of the season contained a memorable power by the four coaches, together they sang each other’s most well-known songs. It was throughout season nine the Team Adam had actually its third victory, v Adam top Jordan smith to a win.

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Adam Levine and Blake Shelton’s relationship

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Many civilization mistakenly think that Adam Levine has won the most seasons ofThe Voice,when in fact, Blake Shelton holds that record! The two frequently go head to head on the show, competing hard together they work to build the finest team the the season. They it seems ~ to have quite the love-hate relationship, making comments about each other, and leading pan to believe if they room actually friend behind the cameras. The truth is, back they have actually banter both on and also off the show, Adam and also Blake are actually an excellent friends who would carry out anything for each other. What a relief to pan to recognize that the 2 rivals ofThe Voiceare actually exceptionally close.

Returning for one more season

The hit present is right now in its 16th season, and also we just can’t get enough! In addition to Adam and also Blake, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend space coaches this season, and also fans can’t wait to see who puts together a winning team. Every one of the contestants room displaying excessive talent, so at this point, the really can be anyone’s guess as to whether Adam will certainly be the win coach because that a fourth time!