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Late-night organize Jimmy Kimmel threw a barb at chairman Donald trump card this week between the weeks-long government shutdown sparked by the president"s demand for capital for his long-promised border wall. It to be a shutdown joke, sure, but likewise focused on possibly Trump"s favorite point to carry out (outside, perhaps, tweeting): golf.

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With the shutdown trudging on, it would be a negative look for Trump to hit the links and, Kimmel noted, the president hadn"t play golf because late November—making it the longest golf-less streak in his presidential tenure. The appealed directly to the president.

"I know it doesn"t typical much come Donald Trump the a bunch the Americans space being compelled to job-related without paychecks, or that crucial services favor food inspection, TSA, anti-terrorism efforts are being compromised" Kimmel said. "But I understand what does issue to you. I know what girlfriend care around down come the bottom of her Kentucky-fried tiny heart. And also that is golf. Donald Trump has actually not to be able to play a ring of golf in 52 days. The just time the president it s okay to yell "fore" currently is once he speak his employee how plenty of Whoppers he wants for lunch."

Kimmel listed that it should be killing Trump—a detailed enthusiast—to not be able to play. And also he could be right.


President Donald Trump theatre a round of golf at Trump Turnberry during his first official visit to the united kingdom on July 15, 2018, in Turnberry, Scotland. Leon Neal/Getty ImagesAccording come the tracking website trumped Golf Count, Trump has gone come a golf course—he own many—during the daytime at least 154 times throughout his presidency. And of those trips to golf courses, over there is documented evidence the Trump play golf top top at the very least 70 visits, follow to the site. The evidence little bit is key. As Politifact detailed here, count the variety of times Trump has actually golfed throughout his visits deserve to be a nebulous undertaking because the White house has often worked come conceal whether or not he to be playing. There"s a reason for that.

Back as soon as he was just a reality-TV-star/businessman trump had, after ~ all, routinely criticized chairman Barack Obama because that golfing, declare it proved he wasn"t working hard. "I"m going to be functioning for you," Trump said at a rally months prior to the 2016 election. "I"m no going to have time to walk play golf."

Friday significant Trump"s 729th day in office. January 20 marks 2 years because his inauguration. Over two years in office, that equates to a practiced 35 confirmed rounds every year in office. Follow to CBS News White house correspondent mark Knoller, Obama played a full of 333 ring of golf in his eight-year presidency. That averages the end to around 41 rounds every year.

But, again, Trump"s actual variety of rounds played is likely significantly higher. And Trump is additionally in the middle of 2 uncharacteristically long delays in play golf, one leading approximately the November midterm elections and the existing time turn off for the shutdown.

A Washington Post evaluation in November—around the moment Trump"s last lull in golf outings ended—noted the in a month-to-month comparison trumped has nearly always played far more golf 보다 Obama and that his mean time between rounds was lower than his predecessor. Of course, this recent stretch of time far from the links would change those figures.

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And Trump"s median amount the golf played might proceed to drop. After ~ all, there"s no end in sight for the shutdown.