Anyone who has actually watched Netflix’s Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness has been exposed come the abusive and deadly underworld the the cub-petting industry and the exotic-animal exhibitors—including Joseph Maldonado-Passage (aka “Joe Exotic”), Bhagavan “Doc” Antle, Tim Stark, and Jeff Lowe—who do it walk ’round. What friend won’t watch on Tiger King, however, is that before Joe Exotic fled The greater Wynnewood Exotic pet Park (aka “G.W. Zoo”) in Oklahoma, assisted rescue 39 tigers, 3 bears, two baboons, and two chimpanzees from the hellhole roadside zoo. All 46 pets are now thriving at reliable sanctuaries.

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One that the three bears rescued native G.W. Zoo come at their brand-new accredited sanctuary home in Colorado.

Two chimpanzees—Joe and also Bo—were also rescued from G.W. Zoo and transferred to the treatment of’s friends at the Center for great Apes in Florida, another accredited sanctuary. Before their rescue, both were offered as breeders and exploited in other means for person entertainment.

On Tiger King, Joe Exotic admitted to his cruel therapy of these chimpanzees.

He claimed that they had actually lived in cages alongside each various other for a decade but didn’t have full social access to one another. They had each been housed through females they also bred with—Joe was maintained with a chimpanzee named Lilly, while Bo was kept with a chimpanzee named Bongo. Both Lilly and also Bongo died at G.W. Zoo.

When Joe and Bo (pictured above in his brand-new home) arrived at the facility for good Apes, lock quickly ended up being friends and also were finally able come live in lush, enriching habitats, i beg your pardon they’d been denied for decades.

Chimpanzees are a lot like humans. Castle love slapstick humor, falling around if one more chimpanzee drops off a absent (as lengthy as castle don’t it seems ~ hurt). What castle surely don’t discover funny, though, is gift exploited because that entertainment.

Baboons Markus and also Luna were also rescued and also moved to Peaceable Primate Sanctuary in Indiana. Joe repetitively bred Markus and Luna if they to be at G.W. Zoo and sold their babies into the cruel pet trade. True sanctuaries, choose the one they now call home, never allow animals come breed, and Markus and Luna space enjoying your retirement!

With your help, we can secure more victories for animals. We’re continuing to occupational to complimentary the remaining animals from G.W. Zoo, and also we advice everyone not to assistance abusive animal shows or exhibits.

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Find a real Tiger Sanctuary, wherein Cats Aren’t Abused

We’re working hard to defend tigers and other pets from the beatings, various other abuse, and neglect usual in the to chat industry, and we need your support. Your donation will assist’s legit team rescue more animals choose Mo, Luna, Joe, and Bo.