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While that isn"t however the NBA"s all-time leader in 3-pointers made, the won"t was standing for long. As of Nov. 2, Curry (2,863 3PM) is just 110 make 3s behind beam Allen (2,973) for the many in NBA history. Once he achieves that feat, there aren"t many other 3-point shooting documents for Curry to break, together he stop the title for many of lock already.

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Which 3-point documents does Curry already own, you ask?

You can discover a list of his jaw-dropping shooting achievements below.

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Stephen Curry"s 3-point shooting records

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Most 3-pointers per game in NBA history – 3.7

Curry averages 3.7 3-pointers made per game, the many in NBA history. The following closest players are Buddy Hield and Damian Lillard, that each median 3.0 3s make per video game for your careers.

Most 3-pointers in a single season in NBA history – 402

In 2015-16, the season Curry became the very first unanimous MVP in organization history, the made 402 3-pointers, the many all-time. In fact, he is the just player to ever before hit end 400 3s in a season.

Curry also holds four that the five finest 3-point shooting periods in NBA history, with just James Harden (378 3s make in 2018-19) breaching a top-five spot from Steph.

Most gamings with 10-plus 3-pointers made in NBA history – 21

This is one of those watch unbreakable records. Curry has actually 21 games with 10 or much more 3s do in his career, the most in NBA background by a landslide.

His teammate Klay Thompson ranks second in league background for games with 10 or more 3s made through five.

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Most 3-pointers made in a calendar month in NBA background – 96

April of 2021 was a ridiculous month because that Curry, that was unconscious from beyond the arc. He knocked under 96 3s in the solitary calendar month, the many in NBA history.

96 threes in April (
NBA record)15 threes from past 30 feet
StephenCurry30"s got range