These huge creatures can thrive up come 12 metres long. Yet despite your size, whale sharks are regularly referred to together "gentle giants".

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Whale sharks are filter feeders and can neither bite nor chew. They can process much more than 6,000 litres that water an hour through their gills. Although the mouth have the right to stretch to four feet wide, a whale shark’s teeth are so tiny the they can just eat tiny shrimp, fish and plankton by using their gill rakers as a suction filter.


It"s assumed that less than 10% of whale sharks born endure to adulthood, yet those the do might live to 150.


With the exception of the Mediterranean Sea, whale sharks have the right to be uncovered in every temperate and also tropical oceans roughly the world and also migrate hundreds of miles to different feeding grounds. 

But moving is slow-moving going, together they move at speed of little an ext than 3 miles every hour.



Many sharks space accidentally captured in fishing gear, and also caught intentionally for your fins, which space a delicacy in Asia.

Their ocean house is likewise in danger. Indigenous climate change warming the water - influence both habitats, prey and shark population shifts - come plastic pollution, i beg your pardon could cause entanglement or it is in ingested, especially by filter feeders.



Whale shark tourism is one that the crucial sources of earnings to the community around Mafia Island, Tanzania, with top whale shark sighting season running from October-March. Thanks come the wealthy feeding grounds here, this whale sharks are long-term residents, quite than migratory like most other whale sharks. We’re working to education communities, local fisherfolk and those associated with tourism about the preservation of whale sharks.

We’re also monitoring these sharks and also conduct surveys every pair of year to inspect their populace is thriving. In 2012 there were 100 individuals. Currently there are roughly 180 – this is a an excellent achievement considering sharks are slow-moving to grow and also reproduce."s work

Around the world, is functioning to better protect and also manage our seas – including critical shark habitats. We’re additionally working to alleviate bycatch and stop the illegal profession in shark products.

We have the right to all pat our component to mitigate our plastic use, rise recycling and also clean up our plastic pollution. And we have the right to all work-related together come fight damaging climate change, i beg your pardon is affect both people and wildlife.

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