A brand-new nationally representative survey of 790 American teenagers shows that practically all teens age 13-17 (94 percent) use social media platforms. This examine by The associated Press-NORC facility for public Affairs research points come Snapchat, a multifaceted applications for sharing short-lived images and video narratives and engaging with news, and Instagram, a photo and video sharing application, as the most well-known social media platforms amongst teens.

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76 percent that American teens age 13-17 use Instagram.75 percent of teenagers use Snapchat.66 percent of teenagers use Facebook.47 percent of teenagers use Twitter.Fewer than 30 percent the American teenagers use Tumblr, Twitch, or LinkedIn.

Building on historically greater uptake the smartphones, black teens are more likely to use certain social media platforms—especially those designed and also optimized because that mobile use—and to use Instagram and also Snapchat much more frequently than white teens.

86 percent of black teens use Snapchat; 71 percent of white teens carry out so.35 percent of black teenagers use Tumblr compared with 22 percent of white teens.17 percent that black teenagers use LinkedIn; simply 7 percent of white teenagers say the same.40 percent of black teenagers say they use Snapchat almost constantly and also 33 percent speak the very same for Instagram. Just 22 percent of white teenagers say they use Snapchat that frequently; for Instagram, the is 19 percent.

Black teenagers are an especially connected to message apps, using an ext apps and also using them much more frequently than various other teens. They space also an ext enthusiastic about video chatting and live streaming video.

18 percent the black teens use 5 or more messaging apps, contrasted with 6 percent the white teens.Black teenagers are an ext likely 보다 white teenagers to usage a variety of these apps at the very least daily, including:Skype or FaceTime (32 percent vs. 12 percent)Kik (26 percent vs. 11 percent that white teens)

87 percent of black color teens video clip chat with friends and also family compared with 72 percent the white teens.

Full report and analysis are accessible by clicking on the web links on the right side the this page.

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Three points You have to Know about The AP-NORC poll of teens on society Media, Messaging application and video clip Use:Among American teens period 13-17…

Snapchat and Instagram have actually surpassed on facebook as the most renowned social media because that teens; Three-quarters of teens use one of two people Snapchat or Instagram, when 66 percent of teenagers use Facebook.While practically all American teens send continual text messages v their phone, one more 40 percent use messaging apps like Kik, WhatsApp and also Line to interact by text with others.Black teens are the most active of any group on society media and messaging apps – they are an ext likely 보다 white teens to use platforms prefer Snapchat or Instagram and also messaging apps choose Kik, and to use them much more frequently.