Reports that realignment shook the college football people on day three of SEC Media Days when a Houston Chronicle report common Oklahoma and Texas’ attention in involvement the SEC. There have actually been many of non-denial denials since then. In this humble unsourced sportswriter’s opinion, it’s going come happen. Don’t worry, BBN. The sky is not falling for the Kentucky soccer program.

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The very first fear because that Kentucky fans visited conference play. “If Oklahoma and also Texas join the SEC West, Alabama and Auburn will move to the SEC East.” that is a logical heat of thinking, yet it will never happen. 2 eight-team departments in the SEC room the equivalent of 2 conferences playing under the exact same name, a la the large 8 and also Southwest Conference merger to do a huge 16.

Once the SEC grows to 16 teams, the league will remove the East and also West divisions, include a 9th conference game and (finally) go to a pod scheduling layout where the two teams with the ideal winning percentages advancement to the SEC Championship Game. If you’ve never ever heard that pod scheduling before, invoice Connelly has detailed it extensively, but there’s a much shorter version to the story.

— The league will be damaged down into 4 pods (or four-team divisions). Those teams will pat one one more every solitary year, bookkeeping for three SEC games.

— Each division will be combine with an additional for 2 years, basically a cross-divisional home-and-home with 4 opponents, acquiring a team up to 7 SEC games.

— for the final two SEC games, each institution will beat one team from the staying divisions. This will obtain four-year football player to every SEC stadium during their career and also ensure that timeless rivalry games remain alive.

Based top top geography, this is one potential layout because that the new scheduling format.


EastFloridaSouth CarolinaGeorgiaAuburn

SouthAlabamaMississippi StateOle MissLSU

WestTexas A&MArkansasTexasOklahoma

The most most likely scheduling scenario, Kentucky will certainly be sit comfortably in indeed the easiest of the 4 divisions. The other departments may look different than the proposal above, yet most in the profession believe Tennessee, Missouri and also Vanderbilt will sign up with UK in a scheduling pod. Periodically the yearly pairings will certainly be more an overwhelming than others, however the way college football works, at the absolute worst UK will have three optimal five-ish teams on the schedule (and that currently happened, critical YEAR).

Kentucky is in position to sit pretty when the realignment shuffles slows come a crawl. Even so, it never has been and it never ever will be straightforward for the Wildcats. That’s since one thing remains true. In the SEC, it just way more.

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P.S. Much more Potential Wrinkles

Once this scribe perfect writing, bill Connelly developed an different schedule the adjusts the annual rivals and still ensures that each four-year student visits every 16 campuses in the SEC during their career.