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Big Ten Conference, formerly Western Intercollegiate Conference, one of the oldest college strong conferences in the joined States, developed in 1896 by the universities of Chicago, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin and Purdue and Northwestern universities. The college of Iowa and Indiana college were added in 1899 and Ohio State in 1912. Chicago terminated the football regime in 1939 and officially i was withdrawn from the conference in 1946. The conference did no again incorporate 10 groups until Michigan State was added in 1949. Pennsylvania State college joined the huge Ten in 1990, and the university of Nebraska came to be the conference’s 12th member in 2011. The conference broadened to 14 colleges in 2014 through the addition of the college of Maryland and also Rutgers, the State college of brand-new Jersey.

The huge Ten traditionally has been one of the the strongest gridiron football conferences in the country. It stood up to the overcommercialization of university football by allowing only one member team to complete in a bowl game each year, a policy that stood till 1975. Indigenous 1947 come 2001, the huge Ten sent out a representative team, typically its conference champion, come the climbed Bowl, earliest of the postseason invitational events. This exclusive arrangement ended when the rose Bowl, which became part of the bowl Championship collection in 1998, organized its an initial national championship video game in January 2002. Beginning with the 2011 season, the large Ten realigned right into two football divisions, Leaders and Legends, v the winner that each play in a championship game. Through the 2014 conference expansion, the divisions were realigned and also renamed East and also West. The east features Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, penn State, and also Rutgers, while the West comprises Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern, Purdue, and Wisconsin.

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