After a 1.5 second Google search, we can say with close to absolute suspicion that, as of this moment, in 2021, the hip-hop, trap, and also so-many-other-genre artist, write-up Malone, right now has 78 identifiable tattoos. The actual number, however, is most likely higher, offered his tattoos come in groups and also given countless likely live out their short article Malone existence covered constantly by clothing. We’ll contact it 100 with an asterisk.

Open canvas an are on Post’s body has actually been shrinking for part time. And also the obsession to add ink hasn’t always been a healthy and balanced one. In one interview v GQ earlier last year, article explained the his decision come tattoo his face might have actually grown the end of insecurity: “I"m a ugly-ass motherfucker. does probably come from a location of insecurity, to where I don"t like just how I look, so I"m going to put something cool on over there so I can look at myself and also say, ‘You look at cool, kid,’ and also have a modicum that self-confidence, once it involves my appearance.”

Post’s tattoos, however, should not every be associated with mental health and wellness struggles; countless reflect the artist’s history, his muses, and his aesthetic tastes. Still, us hope that write-up leaves some an adverse space ~ above his human body canvass—and the he’s functioning through few of the obstacles which spurred him to to fill in those other regions.

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Here is every post Malone tattoo that we can identify.


Post Malone’s face, head, and also neck tattoos

Many the Post’s challenge tattoos—aside indigenous making him “interesting to look at” and perhaps stemming from concerns of self-confidence—also exist to piss turn off his very own mother.

Let’s begin with the right side the his face/head/neck. Moving down indigenous the corner of his best eye vertically: a smiley confront with “x” eyes, a Playboy bunny, and a heart. He reportedly gained some of these tattoos to stroked nerves his mom. V his brother, he additionally got the number 7 on each side the his nose. Parallel to the tiny tats are a hammer, a sword, because, again, “what far better to do my mom mad?” Also: “swords room fucking awesome.” end the best eye are blackjack cards and underneath the cards space the indigenous “stay away.” While it’s hidden by his hair, Post also has a giant skull on the ideal side the his own skull. Through his ear, article has gauntlet and also flail weaponry i m sorry extends down to his jaw.

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