Paris Jackson Tattoos are not only homage come his so late father but also show she beliefs and faith. Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson to be born to worldwide pop icon and megastar Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe in the year 1998.

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Paris has seen numerous ups and also downs in she life – From losing her dad at a really young age to medicine addiction, depression, and also fame. Her life story is apparent from she tattoo options too as Paris has actually inked her body 24 times and also each time she got a meaningful and also purposeful tattoo design.

Here we discover all the 24 tattoos that Paris Jackson in addition to their meaning and importance to Paris.


Paris lost her father at the young age of 11 yet she always had a father number in former child gibbs Macaulay Culkin. The residence Alone star was entrusted through Michael Jackson to be she daughter’s godfather once Culkin was simply 17 years old. While Macaulay had actually a controversial life himself yet he is regularly praised by Paris because that being a protective and caring Godfather.

Paris offers Culkin a most respect. In fact, the duo acquired a matching spoon tattoo in 2018. Paris mutual the photograph on Instagram wherein she dubbed Culkin ‘Mack Attack’ and wrote the He is yes, really close to her heart.

Culkin later on told the the spoon tattoo to be a weird an option but it to be chosen due to the fact that of Macaulay’s habit of steal spoons indigenous hotels and restaurants. The tattoo was an indirect hint in ~ wearing her mistakes and also learning indigenous them.

Paris Jackson Tattoo Michael Jackson Tribute ~ above Left arm


The greatest pop symbol of all time was additionally a committed father. Paris declared in an interview in 2010 that despite MJ’s celebrity status he never showed arrogance. He was really under to earth and really loved his kids. Paris got inked through a Michael Jackson tribute tattoo in 2016. The tattoo is excellent on her left arm and it is inspired by the cover arts of MJ’s 1991 album ‘Dangerous’.

Paris Jackson Tattoos Quote on Neck


During the Covid lockdown, Paris gained inked with a quote throughout her neck. The Quote reads ‘A light from the Shadows’.

Paris Jackson Tattoos logo of failure by Manchester Orchestra


Paris loves the indie tape Manchester Orchestra. She supported their single The Mistake with a tattoo design.

Paris Jackson Tattoos feather behind appropriate Ear


Paris has actually said countless times that she loves civilization for people. She also stated that she feeling sorry for the native Americans who have actually suffered the many in America. She even got inked v a aboriginal American-style feather tattoo behind her best ear. She defined the style as empowering and also said the it gives her hope the she have the right to rise up against all hate.

Paris Jackson Tattoos Charkas ~ above Spine and also Ribcage

Her godfather macauleay had faith in the teachings that religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. He also believes in Karma and the chakras of spirituality. This is the factor why he acquired tattooed through the Charkas and also even inspired Paris because that the same.

Paris has actually the 7 chakras tattoos as defined in Yoga Sutras. She has actually tattooed these chakras top top the precise spots on her body as described in the book. Both her front and earlier (spine) are inked through the very same chakras. The 7 chakras are – Crown, third eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root. Each of the chakras has actually a different color and also is declared to induce various feelings in a person body.

Paris Jackson tattoos Millennium Falcon Spaceship on ideal Foot

Celebrities seldom try foot tattoos since of a misconception the they can provide arthritis. However, foot tattoos deserve to be really beautiful if excellent correctly. Take it the Paris Millenium Falcon tattoo for example. The design is inspired by Star Wars. That is Han Solo’s spaceship. The tattoo pays homage come the legendary movie.

Paris Jackson Tattoos Cactus ~ above Her right Leg

Cactus is a strange an option for a tattoo yet it does organize special meaning. A Cactus tattoo represents growth amongst adversaries. Paris has a tiny cactus tattoo ~ above her right leg. The tattoo additionally has the word Koa written which is a tribute to she pet dog Koa.

Paris Jackson tattoos arrowhead Piercing Heart

She has actually an arrow tattoo top top her ideal forearm. The arrow is presented piercing a heart. The tattoo item is done in a straightforward style. The design overall means that she has confronted heartbreaks in her life. She also quoted ~ above Instagram the she has more faith in animals than in human beings.

Paris Jackson Tattoos word B top top Foot

Just in addition to the Millennium Falcon tattoo, she has the indigenous B tattooed in white octopus on her foot.

The indigenous B is in reality initial for she younger brothers Blanket Jackson.

Paris Jackson Tattoos Led Zeppelin IV logo on Left Arm


Paris is also a hard rock music fan. She called Led Zeppelin her favorite tough rock band. Led Zeppelin IV to be the 4th studio album that the tape which featured ‘Stairway to heaven’ among the biggest rock song of all time. Paris obtained the album cover art inked on her left arm. The album cover art was actually signs that represent the 4 members that Led Zeppelin.

Paris Jackson Tattoos MOTLEY within Lips


Paris is a substantial fan that the heavy metal tape Motley Crue. She said that she is a heavy metal fanatic and also the music that Motley Crue assisted her conquer depression. She acquired the word MOTLEY inked inside her lips.

Paris Jackson Tattoos Dr. Feelgood logo design on appropriate Bicep

Paris ended up being a large fan the Motley Crue after she listened to the album Dr. Feelgood (released in 1991). She love it so lot that in 2016 she obtained the cover art of the album inked ~ above her right bicep.

Paris Jackson Tattoos Stag On right Forearm

Just listed below the arrowhead tattoo, She has a Stag (deer) confront tattoo. Deer tattoo has numerous different meanings yet this architecture is seemed to be influenced by the standard Disney movie Bambi. The deer tattoo symbolizes relocating on and also growth here.

Paris Jackson Tattoos man Lennon Quote ~ above Left Arm

Michael Jackson confessed the he to be a large fan of The Beatles especially John Lennon. Paris too was influenced by the good artist. John’s famed song ‘Imagine’ is frequently cited as the biggest song that promotes peace and harmony. Paris used the line ‘Imagine all the people living life in peace for her tattoo quote. The quote to be accompanied together with a john Lennon rundown tattoo.

Paris Jackson Tattoos wolf on Left Arm

Paris has often posted aboriginal American arts on her Instagram handle. She has a wolf tattoo on her left eight in indigenous American style. The wolf head is done through black ink v a special focus on the eyes. Wolves are social creatures however here this style is an indirect referral to the lone wolf. This symbolizes she independent spirit.

Paris Jackson Tattoos SNODDY ~ above Left Ankle

Paris remained in a partnership with Michael Snoddy that was the drummer of the rock tape Street north Corps. She obtained his surname tattooed on her left ankle. However, the couple broke up in mid-2017, and soon after she changed the style to a cactus.

Paris Jackson tattoos native American Eagle Ankle

She has an additional cool tattoo on she left ankle. The is that a indigenous American eagle symbol. The eagle to represent freedom and also patriotism. In native American culture, the is additionally used come ward off angry spirits. The tattoo to be to support STANDINGROCKTATTOO top top facebook.

Paris Jackson Tattoos Sunflower ~ above Elbow

Paris obtained inked v a watercolor sunflower tattoo on she left elbow. She common the style on Instagram in November 2016 and also said that it reminds her the everyone requirements to watch on the bright next of life. She feels more positive and energized.

Paris Jackson tattoos Quote across her Ribcage

Paris shared a new tattoo on she ribcage in august 2017. That was committed to her favourite artist butch walker and his fifth album ‘I preferred it much better When you had No Heart’. The tattoo is attach by an outline style of a bird.

Paris Jackson Tattoos Donnie Darko hare on right Inner Arm


Paris is a vast fan that Jake Gyllenhaal’s movie Donnie Darko. The 2001 suspense thriller is well-known for its huge twist in the end. In the movie, Jake’s character sees a rabbit named frank complying with him. Paris has Frank the rabbit tattoo on she inner arm.

Paris Jackson Tattoos Emo Skull on right Leg

Paris was yes, really close come Snoddy. She had a matching tattoo through him. It was a skull tattoo in emo style. The skull to be to stand for the “til’ death tear us apart”.

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Paris Jackson Tattoos Veve the Erzulle on ideal Arm

Paris Jackson attended the “We space the human being 25 because that Haiti” charity event. The charity occasion raised money because that Haiti earthquake victims of 2009. The occasion used the music that Michael Jackson come raise charity. During this time period, Paris came closer to Haiti culture and learned a lot about it. She read about Haitian Vodou which is a diasporic religion. The veve of Erzulle inked ~ above her appropriate arm is influenced by the Haitian Vodou. The symbol to represent beauty and also grace.


Paris Jackson has many hidden tattoos too. Have you spotted any type of tattoo the is not detailed here? perform let united state know and also don’t forget to share this on society media.