The Atlanta Falcons and also the brand-new England Patriots clashed in Super bowl LI, and they produced one of the best Super Bowl games in NFL history. The Patriots completed the biggest comeback in the game"s reputation history. Atlanta Falcons pan will never forget how the team squandered a 28-3 lead.

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This game is likewise legendary since it stays the just Super bowl that visited overtime. Here"s a watch at exactly how the new England Patriots do NFL history with their win in Super key LI.

Super bowl LI featured the greatest comeback in Super bowl history

The new England Patriots perfect the best comeback in super Bowl background when lock erased a 28-3 Atlanta Falcons lead. Earlier in the game, the Falcons outscored the Patriots 21-3, and also they took a sizable lead into halftime.

The Falcons prolonged their bring about 25 points as soon as Tevin Coleman scored a rushing touchdown. In retrospect, it"s hard to think that the Falcons didn"t score another allude after this possession.

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Flashback come Dont’a Hightower changing all the inert in Super key LI. Hightower is among the most clutch Super bowl performers I’ve ever before watched.