No other NFL player has showed up in an ext Super Bowls 보다 Tom Brady. At the begin of every season, Brady’s an individual assistant probably books accommodation for his family and also friends in the city the Super bowl is going to be held.

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The 43-year-old quarterback has actually made consistent appearances in the “granddaddy of them all” because he became the brand-new England Patriots" beginning QB earlier in 2001.

Tom Brady has actually played in ten super Bowls

Brady has actually played in ten supervisor Bowls, winning 7 of them. Some NFL fans (mostly native the new England area) would argue the he should have won every single one of them.

The three-time organization MVP won his first three supervisor Bowls, including back-to-back win in 2003/4.

Back-to-back Super bowl losses

The former Pats QB would endure his very first NFL championship game loss in ~ Super bowl XLII against Eli Manning the new York Giants. The undefeated Patriots entered the video game as heavy favorites yet fell just short, shedding 17-14.

In 2012, Brady would certainly again it is in beaten by Eli Manning and the Giants at Super bowl XLVI in 2012, 21–17.

Redemption via interception

Led by Tom Brady, the Patriots would certainly not lose three right Super Bowls ~ a goalline interception by cornerback Malcolm butler won Super bowl XLIX versus the Seattle Seahawks.

Super key LI in 2017 was one for the history books and solidified Tom Brady’s GOAT status. After rolling 28-3 in the third quarter, Brady produced a comeback for the eras to command the Pats come a 34–28 overtime success over the Atlanta Falcons.

The philadelph special

New England would return to the NFL championship the following year to challenge the Philadelphia Eagles in Super bowl LII. Even though the Pats never ever punted in the game and also Brady threw for over 500 yards, they lost 41-33.

A 9th Super bowl appearance

At Super bowl LIII, the Patriots take it on the highly fancied Los Angeles Rams. It would be the lowest scoring Super bowl in history, with Brady failing to throw a touchdown for the an initial time in a Super key game.

New England beat the Rams 13-3, for Brady"s sixth Super bowl ring.

Brady the Buccaneer

Tom Brady shocked countless NFL fans once he left the Patriots after the 2019/20 season and also signed through the Tampa just Buccaneers in cost-free agency.

And yet again, Brady showed all the doubters not correct by acquisition the young Bucs team come Super bowl LV, wherein they played the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Brady placed on a masterclass and also the Bucs defense overcame Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes en route to a 31-9 victory in front of their home fans.