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Unless you"ve been hibernating because that a year, it"s usual knowledge the the Kansas City Chiefs winner the Super bowl last season. Oh, and we"ve got a lot to record you increase on.

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The Chiefs made some serious background with their win in Super bowl 54 in February 2020. They"d played in two Super Bowls before, but the last had been a victory in 1970. That expected 50 years separated Super key wins because that the Kansas City franchise, a document wait.

With Patrick Mahomes conquering during the regular season however again, the Chiefs lost simply two games (and just one with Mahomes starting), walk 14-2 and also claiming the AFC"s optimal seed. That set Kansas City up v a homefield course to Super bowl 55 and a chance to come to be the first repeat champions since the Patriots in 2003 and also 2004.

Here"s more to know about the Chiefs" search to hoist the Lombardi Trophy for a 2nd year in a row and how that"d fit into franchise and also league history.

Chiefs Super key history

When is the critical time the Chiefs went to a supervisor Bowl?

You recognize this answer: 2020. The Chiefs played in Super bowl 54 in February 2020, beating the 49ers many thanks to a comeback led by Patrick Mahomes. It to be the 3rd appearance in the huge game in franchise background but the an initial since 1970.

Super bowl 1Jan. 15, 1967PackersPackers 35, Chiefs 10Bart Starr
Super key 4Jan. 11, 1970VikingsChiefs 23, Vikings 7Len Dawson
Super key 54Feb. 2, 202049ersChiefs 31, 49ers 20Patrick Mahomes

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How countless Super Bowls have actually the Chiefs won?

The Chiefs have won two Super Bowls, 50 years apart. Their very first title came in 1970 over the Vikings, with Len Dawson earning video game MVP honors. That was three years after ~ the Chiefs lost in the first-ever supervisor Bowl, which to be then well-known as the AFL-NFL world Championship. Bart Starr and the Packers acquired the far better of them the day.

Of course, the Chiefs claimed their 2nd ring a year ago. Patrick Mahomes led a comeback to beat the 49ers, 31-20.

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How countless teams have actually won back-to-back super Bowls?

Entering the 2020 NFL regular season, 7 franchises have won consecutive supervisor Bowls, and it"s a feat that"s been achieved eight times overall. The list:

PackersDolphinsSteelers (twice)49ersCowboysBroncosPatriots

If the Chiefs success Super key 55 ~ above Feb. 7, 2021, they"d be the eighth franchise to insurance claim consecutive Super key titles after ~ winning in 2020. It"d it is in the nine time in its entirety that such a feat was accomplished.