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The Packers have won four out of five appearances in the super Bowl, tied for the ideal winning percentage amongst franchises with at least three appearances in the big game. Green Bay"s background with the supervisor Bowl days back, the course, to the very first two supervisor Bowls, both of i beg your pardon were won by the Packers.They weren"t even known as the "Super Bowl" in ~ the time, instead dubbed the AFL-NFL civilization Championship. Retroactively, though, those 2 Packers wins are recognized as the first two Super key titles.

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The current challenge of the environment-friendly Bay franchise, Aaron Rodgers has made it come one supervisor Bowl. He and the Packers winner the 2011 Super key (at the conclusion the the 2010 regular season) v a 31-25 success over Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Here"s much more to know about Green Bay"s history in the super Bowl, i m sorry in some methods is together deep as any type of franchise"s.

Packers Super key history

When is the last time the Packers went to a super Bowl?

The last time the Packers played in the Super bowl was February 2011, complying with the 2010 constant season. They took on the Pittsburgh Steelers and won, 31-25. That"s the just time Aaron Rodgers has played in the large game and also the only time since 2000 that environment-friendly Bay play in the supervisor Bowl.

Super key 1Jan. 15, 1967ChiefsPackers 35, Chiefs 10Bart Starr
Super bowl 2Jan. 14, 1968RaidersPackers 33, Raiders 14Bart Starr
Super key 31Jan. 26, 1997PatriotsPackers 35, Patriots 21Desmond Howard
Super bowl 32Jan. 25, 1998BroncosBroncos 31, Packers 24Terrell Davis
Super bowl 45Feb. 6, 2011SteelersPackers 31, Steelers 25Aaron Rodgers

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How countless Super Bowls have actually the Packers won?

The environment-friendly Bay Packers have actually won four Super Bowls. They winner the large game adhering to the 1966, 1967, 1996 and also 2010 constant seasons (with every those games being played in one of two people January or February the the complying with year).

The most recent win was also their most recent appearance, with eco-friendly Bay beating the Steelers in February 2011 to case their 4th ring. Aaron Rodgers was that game"s MVP.

Who has actually won the many Super Bowls?

The Packers are one of the most successful franchises in NFL history, however by Super key rings, they aren"t first.

Four teams have won much more Super Bowls than the Packers:

6 - Patriots6 - Steelers5 - Cowboys5 - 49ers

The Packers are among two NFL groups to have won 4 rings. The Giants have also won the supervisor Bowl four times. Both green Bay and new York have 4-1 documents in the huge game. 

How plenty of teams have won consecutive supervisor Bowls?

The Packers are one of seven teams to success consecutive at sight Bowls. They became the an initial to execute it, win the first two version of the supervisor Bowl.

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The other six franchises to success back-to-back super Bowls space the Dolphins, Steelers (twice), 49ers, Cowboys, Broncos and Patriots.