In 1953, the city that Baltimore was awarded a new National Football organization franchise. The team was nicknamed the Colts, the second pro football society to bear the name in a seven-year period. Earlier in 1947, a Baltimore Colts team was established in the All-America football Conference. 3 years later, as component of the peace agreement in between the AAFC and NFL, the Colts became an NFL member. However this undertaking failed and also the franchise to be disbanded after ~ the 1950 season.

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But Baltimore to be presented through a 2nd chance for an NFL team three seasons later on when the Dallas Texans franchise to be cancelled by the league. NFL Commissioner Bert Bell tested the city to offer 15,000 season tickets within 6 weeks. The successful sale took just over 4 weeks and, ~ above January 23, 1953, Carroll Rosenbloom became the principal owner the the brand-new Baltimore Colts.

In 1954, Weeb Ewbank was called the Colts" head coach and also he began a steady structure program that placed his team end .500 because that the very first time in 1957. The Colts didn"t have one more losing season because that the following 14 years. It is provided by a sensational young quarterback, Johnny Unitas, and a solid supporting cast that included such future pro Football room of Famers together Artie Donovan, Gino Marchetti, Raymond Berry, Lenny Moore and Jim Parker, the Colts winner NFL championships in both 1958 and also 1959 and also again in 1968.

The 1958 NFL title clash against the new York Giants, played prior to the biggest television audience ever up to the time, did much to increase fan enthusiasm for agree football. With Unitas craftily design long drives that caused the tying field goal and winning touchdown, the Colts won 23-17 in overtime.

Both the Colts and also Ewbank were connected in a 2nd game 10 years later that would share ranking as a pivotal video game in creating far-reaching fan enthusiasm. The game was Super key III and also the Ewbank-led new York jets stunned the heavily-favored Colts 16-7.

Under Don Shula, who changed Ewbank in 1963, the Colts won NFL west conference championships in 1964 and also 1968. Shula relocated to Miami in 1970 however the Colts, who had actually moved to the new American football Conference at the time of the merger, won the first AFC Eastern department title and Super key V.

Robert Irsay, who got the Los Angeles Rams franchise in 1972, engineered an historical trade of groups with Carroll Rosenbloom the year. Twelve years after that March 28, 1984, Irsay moved the Colts come Indianapolis, whereby they currently play in Lucas Oil Stadium. The team delighted in moderate success after ~ the relocate to Indianapolis, showing up in the post-season a complete of 3 times in the following 13 seasons.

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The challenge of franchise shifted v the come of quarterback Peyton Manning in 1998. Guided through his leadership, the Colts ended up being one of the league’s most leading teams. In 2006, Manning led Indianapolis come its very first championship in 36 periods with a success in Super bowl XLI.