The Chiefs winner Super bowl LIV, beating the 49ers 31-20 much come the delight of their fan base.

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The Chiefs critical played in the huge game in 1970 at Super key IV, which was the last AFL-NFL people Championship Game. They took under the Minnesota Vikings 23–7.

Kansas City reached Super Bowl i after to win the AFL Championship in 1966, yet lost to the NFL's green Bay Packers. 

In the pre-Super bowl era, the franchise—then the Dallas Texans—won the AFL through beating the Houston Oilers in overtime in 1962. 

The Chiefs ranked behind just the Detroit Lions and also the brand-new York Jets for the teams with the longest Super key droughts before clinching their spot come this year's large game. The Lions have actually not went back to the championship video game in 62 seasons, if the jets haven't showed up in a Super bowl in 51 years.

Chiefs Super bowl History:

Super key I: Packers 35, Chiefs 10

Super bowl IV: Chiefs 23, Vikings 7

Super bowl LIV: Chiefs 31, 49ers 20



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