Almost anyone agrees Tom Brady has actually surpassed Joe Montana together the best quarterback of all time. And also the factor is obvious: Brady has actually won seven Super Bowls and Montana won "only" four. And Brady might win more. He's 44, he's coming off a Super bowl victory and he's on the finest team in the NFC. He has without a doubt the greatest resume of every time and it's no close.

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But would certainly Brady have the same resume had actually he played in Montana's era?

Football was a various sport in the 1980s. Defenses can tee turn off on quarterbacks and also did routinely. There was no "strike zone" when hitting quarterbacks -- defenaudioeditorfree.comve players can hit them anywhere they wanted and as tough as lock could. Plus, defenses can hold vast receivers all the method down the field, which way quarterbacks had to host the ball much longer in the '80s and also take an ext punishment.

Montana take it an absolute beating and also injured his back as a result. So he couldn't play into his '40s -- no one could earlier then. Injuries captured up to players. Terrycloth Bradshaw won four Super Bowls in his '20s, acquired injured and also retired at 35.

It's most likely Brady would have actually suffered a comparable fate throughout that era.

I doubt Brady would certainly have had the very same longevity had actually he played in the '80s. Brady cannot relocate -- he's a statue compared to Montana. That's why Brady endured a gruesome knee injury as soon as he was 31. Afterward, the NFL changed its rules to protect quarterbacks when they're in the pocket.

The NFL never changed any rules to defend Montana.

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Had Brady played in the '80s, it's feaaudioeditorfree.comble he would have actually won those three Super Bowls he won at an early stage in his career. However then the would have actually injured his knee, and also probably faded far the means most quarterbacks in your 30s did earlier then.




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