Already considered by many to it is in the greatest NFL player of every time, Tom Brady ultimately left the new England Patriots this year ~ 20 seasons with the franchise. That won 6 Superbowls in his time at the Patriots prior to joining the Tampa bay Buccaneers. However, very Tom Brady added to his Super key wins by dismantling the Kansas City Chiefs in February’s showpiece providing him an significant seventh Super key victory, in what showed to be a record-breaking weekend for sporting activities legends. The Buccaneers made the most of home benefit in the Super bowl but, regardless, Brady’s accomplishment in landing a seventh job title needs to be related to as among the biggest in the sport’s history. Below are some amazing statistics indigenous the career of Tom Brady.

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Tom Brady Super bowl wins and also statistics

Tom Brady joined the new England Patriots in the 2000 NFL Draft. Incredibly, the player who would go on to be pertained to as the biggest of all time by numerous was just picked in the sixth round of the draft, making the the 199th choose overall.

In 2002, Brady led the Patriots to their very first Super key win, as soon as they defeated the favourites, the St. Luigi Rams, 20-17. At the begin of the season Brady to be not also The Patriots’ very first choice quarterback. That only came to be a starter after attracted Bledsoe suffered an injury against the NY Jets and surely even Tom Brady himself would have had no idea about the success, or number of Super bowl wins, that he would certainly go on come have.

After absent the playoffs the complying with season, Brady then began to compile his ridiculous career statistics by top The Patriots to back-to-back title in 2003 and 2004, v wins over the Carolina Panthers and also the Philadelphia Eagles. The Patriots then shed their following two Super key appearances in 2007 and also 2011, both against the new York Giants.

In 2015, Brady winner Most an useful Player (MVP), after defeating defending champion Seattle Seahawks, 28-24. It was the Patriots first Super Bowl victory in 10 years. Then, in 2017, Brady led an epos comeback in overtime, recovering native a 25 point deficit come beat the Atlanta Falcons, 34-28,

He won his 6th Super key in 2019, as soon as the Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams in the shortest scoring game in Super key history, 13-3. Climate Tom Brady included his seventh, and arguable the many remarkable of his Super key wins, in 2021 when he led the unfancies Tamba bay Buccaneers to a crushing 31-9 victory over Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

So, the remarakable career statistics the Tom Brady have seen him win the at sight Bowl seven times from 21 attempts at a rate of one in three. Surely he can’t add an eighth, deserve to he? right here are ten various other remarkable stats and also records indigenous Brady’s career.

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Most games won by a quarterback in NFL background – 264

Most an unified passing yards in NFL background – 91,653

Most an unified touchdown overcome – 664

Most NFL Championship won by a player – 7

Tom Brady has actually won more Super Bowls (7) than any kind of franchise, through the new England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers each having actually six

Most Super bowl appearances by a player – 10

Oldest quarterback to start a Super key – 43 years, 6 months, 5 days

Most fourth quarter comebacks of every time – 48

Most game winning drives in NFL history – 61

Most consecutive periods in the playoffs through a player, team or coach – 12

Ten Super key results

Super key XXXVI: Patriots 20 – 17 Rams

Super key XXXVIII: Patriots 32 – 29 Panthers

Super bowl XXXIX: Patriots 24 – 21 Eagles

Super bowl XLII: Giants 17 – 14 Patriots

Super bowl XLVI: Giants 21 – 17 Patriots

Super bowl XLIX: Patriots 28 – 24 Seahawks

Super key LI: Patriots 34 – 28 Falcons

Super bowl LII: Eagles 41 – 33 Patriots

Super key LIII: Patriots 13 – 3 Rams

Super bowl LV: Buccaneers 31 – 9 Chiefs

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