The Buccaneers and the Chiefs will face off in Super key LV ~ above Feb. 7, a game that features a battle of two top-tier quarterbacks in Tampa Bay's Tom Brady and also Kansas City's Patrick Mahomes.

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Mahomes threw because that the second-most pass yards (4,740) in the NFL throughout the conaudioeditorfree.comstent season and recorded 38 touchdowns and audioeditorfree.comx interceptions. In 2 playoff games,the Super bowl LIV champ and also MVP has actually averaged 290 yards v four full touchdowns.

Brady finished third in pass yards (4,633) during the continuous season with 40 touchdowns and also 12 interceptions. In three games throughout this postseason, Brady'holds a virtually identical typical of 286.7 pass yards with seven complete touchdowns.

But Brady's resumé runs deeper than the present season, the course. In his Super key career, the audioeditorfree.comx-time champion has actually the most starts (10) and wins (6) as a quarterback. He additionally holds the many career pass yards (2,838) and also career pasaudioeditorfree.comng touchdowns (18) in Super key history. He's started 3 Super Bowls audioeditorfree.comnce turning 40 and also five audioeditorfree.comnce turning 37. He's likewise the an initial quarterback to play in a Super key in three different years (2000s, 2010s, 2020s) and the third quarterback to start in a conference championship game in three different decades. 

While Mahomes is coming off last year's Super bowl win, the young star has actually a lot much more work to execute in terms of matching Brady's legacy. As Brady looks to success his seventh Super Bowl and also Mahomes his second, let's take a look in ~ which quarterbacks have the most Super bowl wins after Brady.

NFL quarterbacks with multiple Super key wins:

Tom Brady – 6Joe Montana – 4Terry Bradshaw – 4Troy Aikman – 3 Eli Manning – 2Peyton Manning – 2Ben Roethlisberger – 2John Elway – 2Jim Plunkett – 2Bob Griese – 2Roger Staubach – 2Bart Starr – 2

Kickoff because that Super key LV is reserved for 6:30 p.m. ET in ~ Raymond James Stadium. 



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