Peyton Manning is a legendary previous American football quarterback. He was drafted very first overall in the 1998 breeze by the Indianapolis Colts where he play 14 seasons, until being released in 2010. He to be then signed by the Denver Broncos and led the team to countless wins until his retirement in 2016.

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The child of former new Orleans Saints quarterback Archie Manning, Peyton has actually football in his genes. His younger brothers is likewise a previous NFL quarterback the the brand-new York Giants.

Nicknamed “the Sheriff” because that his capacity to manipulate his offense at the heat of scrimmage before the snap, Peyton stop multiple titles because that breaking and making records. 

He was inducted right into the college Football hall of reputation in 2017 and is collection to be inducted right into the agree Football room of fame in 2021. That is thought about one of the best quarterbacks in the organization as some of his documents remain untouched to this day.

photo Source: sporting activities Illustrated

NamePeyton Williams Manning
Current teamDenver Broncos (2010-2016)
Draft1998, an initial overall
Super Bowl victory yearsSuper key XLI (2006), Super bowl 50 (2015)
Super key Rings2

What year walk Peyton Manning win the supervisor Bowl?

Peyton Manning has won the Super bowl championship twice. 

His very first Super Bowl success was through the Indianapolis Colts in 2007, wherein he led the team to a 29-17 victory against the Chicago Bears. He was title the MVP for his performance, becoming the franchise’s an initial player to carry out so. Manning likewise won the ESPY for ideal Championship Performance.

Manning’s second Super Bowl success came just prior to his retirement, in 2016. Play for the Denver Broncos, Manning defeated the Carolina Panthers 24-10. The victory was a significant one in his career as it was his 200th overall victory but likewise his critical one. Manning ended up being the oldest starting quarterback come play in and win a Super key at age 40.

Manning is the only quarterback to have actually won a Super key with much more than one franchise. 

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How many times did Peyton Manning beat in the at sight Bowl?

Peyton Manning has actually played in 4 Super Bowls. 

Manning’s first Super bowl appearance remained in 2007 as starting quarterback because that the Indianapolis Colts, in i beg your pardon he beat the Chicago bear 29-17 and also received the location of MVP.

His 2nd appearance was in Super bowl XLIV held in 2010, during which the Colts were defeated 31-7 by the brand-new Orleans Saints. 

In 2014, Manning, this time beginning quarterback for the Denver Broncos, shed the Super key XLVIII come the Seattle Seahawks in a shameful defeat of 43-8.

Manning’s fourth and final Super key appearance was during Super key 50 in 2016, wherein he led the Broncos to a 24-10 win versus the Carolina Panthers.

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Peyton Manning Super key wins and losses

Out the the four Super bowl appearances Peyton Manning has made in his football career, he has actually won two and lost two. He won his very first and his last Super Bowl, each one with a different franchise. ~ above the other hand, he lost two super Bowls, additionally with various teams, becoming the first player to perform so.

What is Peyton Manning"s Super key record?

Peyton Manning’s at sight Bowl record is 2 wins to 2 losses. He has appeared in 4 Super bowl championships throughout his career, and has an equal number of wins and also defeats.