New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will make his eighth Super bowl appearance Sunday versus the Philadelphia Eagles. (AP photo | Charles Krupa)



The Patriots have showed up in nine previous super Bowls, losing to the Chicago (Super key XX) Bears and Green only Packers (Super key XXXI) prior to the bill Belichick and Tom Brady era:

Super key XX, Super key XXXI, Super key XXXVI, Super bowl XXXVIII, Super key XXXIX, Super key XLII, Super bowl XLVI, Super bowl XLIX and Super bowl LI.

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Here is the perform of Belichick and also Brady's seven Super Bowls, along with a recap of last year's at sight Bowl. The Patriots have actually won five of those Super Bowls, losing twice to the brand-new York Giants:

Tom Brady led one of the greatest comebacks in sports, let alone Super key history, lifting brand-new England native a 25-point feet to the Patriots' 5th NFL championship in the game's very first overtime finish.

The Patriots score 19 points in the last quarter, consisting of a pair that 2-point conversions, then marched relentlessly to James White's 2-yard touchdown run in overtime beating the Atlanta Falcons 34-28.

Brady, the an initial quarterback with 5 Super bowl rings, guided the Patriots (17-2) v a tired Atlanta defense for fourth-quarter touchdowns on a 6-yard happen to Danny Amendola and also a 1-yard run by White, i m sorry came with 57 seconds remaining in regulation. White ran because that the very first 2-pointer and Amendola did the deed v a agree on the second.

Brady perfect 43 because that 62, the many attempts in Super key history, because that 466 yards and also two touchdowns.

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