Will the Minnesota Vikings ultimately reach your ultimate score this season?

Here us go, it’s almost time for the Minnesota Vikings to absent off your 60th season as a professional football franchise. Regardless of having the 11th-most playoff wins in NFL history, the Vikings have actually never winner a Super key (the 10 teams with an ext playoff victories have actually all won a Vince Lombardi trophy).

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While not having fans in attendance will certainly make the weird because that Minnesota’s games inside U.S. Financial institution Stadium, the lack of human being screaming in the stands should make it less complicated for the team to get tough wins top top the roadway this year.

This season, several of the Vikings roadway trips encompass matchups through the Seattle Seahawks, new Orleans Saints, and Green only Packers. Typically, the pan in these opposing stadiums would make life harder for Minnesota by yelling in ~ the top of their lungs. However it no look like there will be any kind of of that this year.

When they face the Seahawks, the Vikings won’t have actually to resolve the infamous 12s as the Seattle fan base has come to be known. Once they head down to new Orleans, lock won’t need to hear Saints pan complaining to the refs every two seconds.

With the removed of stadium noise, the really talent of every NFL roster is going to matter much an ext this season. Because Minnesota’s roster is complete of talent and experience, this have to work to their advantage.


Favorable schedule

It to be a tiny disappointing as soon as the 2020 NFL schedule came out earlier in May and it to be revealed that the Vikings will only be playing in primetime twice.

At the exact same time, Minnesota is 10-12 in primetime games due to the fact that Mike Zimmer became the team’s head coach in 2014. Therefore the Vikings will certainly be just fine through 12 of your 16 matchups this year reserved to begin at 12 p.m. CT, a time slot in i m sorry they’ve winner 76 percent of their games due to the fact that 2017.

In addition to many of their matchups acquisition place approximately lunchtime this season, Minnesota also won’t have actually to resolve the cold weather during any of the final seven games on your schedule. 6 of these 7 contests will take location indoors if the various other matchup is on the road in sunny Tampa, Florida.

We currently know the crowd noise isn’t meant to be a aspect this year. Integrate this with not having actually to beat in the cold throughout the final two month of the season and also the Vikings have to be very excited about their potential for success.


Anything can take place in 2020

This year has been favor very few before it since just around everything is out of whack because of the COVID-19 virus.

Sports is one element of life that has been heavily impacted by the present pandemic. Previously this year, there to be no major sports going on because that a couple of weeks and some civilization didn’t recognize what to do with every one of their totally free time.

So many other monumental events have taken place in 2020 that it’s beginning to take far the shock worth for world whenever the latest piece of large news drops. It’s extremely hard to it is in surprised by anything anymore this year since of every little thing that has currently occurred (the recent fire tornado would have actually probably been a lot bigger transaction in just around any other year).

With every little thing that has happened therefore far, why can not this it is in the season that ends with the Vikings top top top? based upon everything that’s currently gone down in 2020, we’re probably going to finish up with Super bowl LV matchup that has actually Minnesota taking on the Buffalo Bills.

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If we’ve learned anything from the very first eight month of the existing year, it’s the nothing is predictable. The very same will likely be the situation for the upcoming NFL season and the Vikings room hoping it functions out in their favor for the first time ever.