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“OK, I desire you to remember three things. No. 1, breathe. Don’t forget to breathe the end there. No. 2, have fun. And No. 3, contend your asses off.”

Those to be Peyton Manning’s words to his attack teammates just before they officially took the field for Super key 50 ~ above Feb. 7, 2016.

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When the clock win 0:00 and also Denver had actually beaten Carolina 24-10, Manning and also the Broncos can finally perform the first one - breathe.

It had actually been a stunner season. Despite beginning 6-0, Broncos had won in waning seconds, regularly on a defensive miracle and also with what seemed choose barely enough offense to survive. Peyton Manning let go six gamings with a plantar fascia injury that added to him getting benched in week 10 and coming ago after halftime in week 17 to change momentum and also lead the Broncos through the playoffs, riding the backs that the defense.

The beauty of the 2015 Super key season was that the means the Broncos winner the Super key - grind it the end on offense while pummeling the various other team on defense - was exactly the means they had won virtually every game:

Week 1, Ravens - Darian Stewart intercepts Joe Flacco in finish zone to safeguard the 19-13 lead.

Week 2, Chiefs - Demarcus Ware pressures a fumble, Bradley Roby scoops that up and scores to victory 31-24.

Week 3, Lions - Matt Stafford intercepted through David Bruton, collection up a Denver touchdown to protect a precarious lead.

Week 4, Vikings - T.J .Ward it s okay a strip sack, Von miller recovers. Brandon McManus kicks a field goal to success 23-20.

Week 5, Raiders - A chris Harris Jr. Pick-six in the fourth quarter offers Broncos 16-7 lead, and the defense hold Raiders to just a ar goal ~ above a late journey to keep the game out of reach.

We every say the every week, and we space at 6-0 since the #Broncos "keep to win this way." #NoFlyZone

— doctor of words (and tights) (
docllv) October 19, 2015

Week 6, Browns - A Bruton interception protects 23-23 tie for overtime; despite a Manning INT, defense stuffs Browns, and on the next drive, a Brandon McManus ar goal wins 26-23.

Week 11, bears - Broncos’ defense stuffs bear on a potential game-tying two-point conversion and also wins 17-15.

Week 16, Bengals - Defense stop Cincy to 90 yards in the second fifty percent as Broncos head to overtime at 17-17 ~ McManus missed a potential game-winning field goal. Broncos can’t score a touchdown in their an initial possession in overtime however this time get the three. ~ above the Bengals’ possession, A.J. McCarron fumbles the snap and also DWare recovers, finishing the game, 20-17.

Week 17, Chargers - A late touchdown puts Broncos increase 27-20, and also the defense stop the Chargers on fourth down to protect the lead.

January 1, 2016. Main 17. #Broncos trace Chargers many thanks to 5 sloppy turnovers. Peyton enters to thunderous ovation. Among the most impactful moments in team history. That minute led to1)Super key 50 win2)Osweiler signing v Texans3)3 year of QB miseryHUGE moment!

— Broncos Outsider (
BroncosOutside) June 9, 2019

AFC Championship - Manning v. Brady, take 17

The playoffs were no different, especially the Broncos’ 20-18 success over the Patriots in the AFC Championship video game in Denver whereby a return was always going to be a dog fight.

It to be the 17th “Manning v. Brady” game, and also though no quarterback to be the star the the event, the duel was every little thing it was meant to be.

At halftime, the leading rushers the the two teams were Manning and also Brady. Manning through a 12-yard operation (who knew?) and also Brady v an 11-yard scamper. Thankfully for both teams, neither quarterback finished up your team’s leading rusher.

And as we had come to expect, the offense gained just what it had to when the defense crushed Tom Brady and also won in dramatic fashion in ~ the. Very. End.

The Broncos had obtained the an initial touchdown that the video game after defense had actually stopped the Patriots cold ~ above their very first drive.

The groups traded a couple of series that ended in punts prior to a Broncos fumble on their 26-yard line collection up straightforward two-play touchdown drive for the Pats. However a let go extra suggest kept the Broncos in the lead.

Then Von fearbut intercepted Brady in what was nearly a choose six. But another Manning-to-Danield touchdown connection put the Broncos up 14-6. An additional field score by every team before the half would sent the Broncos into the locker room up 17-9.

PICK! Von fearbut intercepts the happen from Tom Brady!The
Broncos take over in the red zone!#NEvsDEN

— NFL gameday (
NFLGameDay) January 24, 2016

The second fifty percent was a most defense and also stalled offense that result in just one score - a ar goal by the Patriots, close up door the void 17-12 before a 2nd Broncos ar goal to start the fourth quarter put the Broncos up by 8.

Thanks to the Broncos defense in the second half, Brady’s three drives come the red zone ended on fourth-down stops twice, including a 4th-and-1 from Denver’s 16 and also a 4th-and-6 native Denver’s 14.

But the third fourth under in the red zone led to a touchdown top top 4th-and-4 come Brady’s favorite tight end Rob Gronkowski v 12 secs left.

It was the next defensive stop that sent the Broncos to the Super bowl - cornerback Aqib Talib tipped Brady’s pass intended for Julian Edelman, and also Bradley Roby choose it off.

Broncos win by two. Whew.

My peak 10 favourite Broncos games of the decade, count down.#3January 24, 2016. In one of the many amazing defensive performances in NFL history, the Broncos to win the Patriots 20-18 to breakthrough to Super bowl 50! The game finished with Talib tipping to Roby!#BroncosCountry

— Broncos Outsider (
BroncosOutside) January 1, 2020

Super bowl 50: Broncos v. Panthers (i.e. Von müller v. Camer Newton)

So the phase was collection for one more game come come under to the wire.

At least, that’s just how the Broncos were planning it. As TJ Ward told us recently, they had all the confidence in the Broncos and in Peyton Manning, yet they additionally knew it would come down to defense.

“We felt like we would win the video game like we won every other game,” Ward said with a big laugh. “We knew it was going to it is in a dog fight; us knew we probably wouldn’t put that countless points ~ above the board, I median let’s it is in real. They had actually a really great defense too, and also it wasn’t even around how the season had actually gone for us offensively. They to be coming in through the No. 1 offense and also No. 2 defense.”

The thing was, this defense KNEW just how to win. They planned on getting the game-changing play, even if it is it was a sack, an interception, a stop short of the sticks, a required fumble...they were simply conditioned to make plays.

“But offensively, we knew they couldn’t mess through us,” Ward said. “There is nothing they deserve to do to beat united state offensively, so as lengthy as we can get some points, fine be every right.”

But the Panthers appeared to think that behind video camer Newton and the No. 1 violation in the NFL, the practically undefeated NFC champions would roll over the Broncos.

We every remember just how that went down.

As points turned out, Ward’s prediction to be spot on.

Q: just how do you method a game as the underdog?Talib: “Are us the underdog?! (laughter).”#BeatThePanthers

— Denver Broncos (
Broncos) January 25, 2016

And as soon as he and also his other defenders watched Manning march under the ar on the very first drive, throw an 18-yard completion on the an initial play, castle knew they were going come win.

“When Manning obtained that very first score, it was simply three points, yet I knew that as long as our offense could keep doing that, there to be no way the Panthers were going to win due to the fact that their offense was not beating us,” Ward recalled. “Their defense would need to score because the offense was no scoring top top us.”

And it was the Broncos’ defense to obtain the first touchdown that the Super bowl - together if that were a surprise to anyone in Broncos Country.

On third-and-10, fearbut strip-sacked Newton and Malik Jackson pounced on the round in the end zone. Broncos increase 10-0.

Manning jumped up on the sidelines in a celebration the rivaled any of his own touchdown passes. It to be a moment that Broncos fans simply knew this was your day.

Von Miller v the big play. Peyton approves.

— NFLonCBS (
NFLonCBS) February 8, 2016

The quarterback had been visibly annoyed the he had only to be able to lead a ar goal-scoring drive but he was reminded ~ above the sideline: “Two three-and-outs by the D and also we’re increase by 10, it is a good thing,” followed by back-up Brock Osweiler reminding Manning, “we’re in a an excellent position, great position.”

Carolina score a touchdown in ~ the start of the 2nd quarter, and their offense as soon as again looked threatening. However a huge play indigenous an unsuspecting player - punt returner Jordan Norwood - offered momentum back to the Broncos.

With the longest punting return in supervisor Bowl background to that point, Norwood took the ball all the method to the Panthers’ 15. The violation couldn’t get in the finish zone again, however again, McManus came v with 3 more. Broncos increase 13-7.

That Jordan Norwood 61-yard punting return to be the longest in Super key history.

— SportsCenter (
SportsCenter) February 8, 2016

A Manning interception dashed Broncos’ really hopes of one more score before the half, yet Demarcus Ware’s sack for a loss of 10 gave the Broncos part momentum going right into halftime.

On the Panthers’ first drive that the 3rd quarter, Newton & Co. Were flustered regardless of inching down the field. Miller, a menace everywhere the backfield, also made his presence well-known in coverage, breaking up a pass close to the finish zone.

From the sidelines, Luke Kuechly might be heard asking, “Was that Von Miller?” to which a shaking-headed teammate added, “Yeah.”

The Panthers let go their ar goal effort on the drive, and the Broncos’ defense offered Manning & Co. Good field position. No. 18 marched the Broncos down to the Panthers’ 12-yard line yet three incomplete passes set up 4th-and-5 and another ar goal to move the Broncos come 16.

Manning was again visibly frustrated at only acquiring three, but once again he to be reminded ~ above the sideline, this was quintessential Broncos’ 2015: “As disappointed as 3 is, this is exactly how we won gamings all season.”

BossWard43 ~ above #Manning 2015:"Peyton still found the magic as soon as we necessary it. Technically us won on defense, but Peyton always put us in place to success those games. We need 3 points, Peyton’s walk to gain it. We require 6, Peyton’s walking to get it. ...That’s perfect teamwork.

— doctor of words (and tights) (
docllv) February 5, 2021

On the Panthers’ following drive, it was again the defense with a momentum-getter together T.J. Ward intercepted Newton in the red zone, climate fumbled together he ran, but Danny Trevathan picked it up and recovered. Broncos’ round deep in their very own territory.

On the sideline celebration, kris Harris Jr. Shouted part truth: CHJ: “This is NO paris ZONE. They aint’ catchin nothin!”

“Holy cow, that had something because that everybody,” the announcer stated on TV. His partner added, “This Carolina team is not provided to play from behind; they’re type of comes unraveled a tiny bit.”

They would have actually no idea.

Ware. Miller. Wolfe. Talib. Harris. Ward. EtcYeah...the
Broncos defense is pretty stack

— NFL (
NFL) January 26, 2016

The fourth quarter would begin with a sack-fumble by Manning that would at some point yield the Panthers one more three points.

Two more drives of missed avenues for the Broncos would bring the teams to simply under five minutes and the Panthers v the ball.

Facing 3rd-and-9, Newton would be sacked in ~ Carolina’s 16 by who else? Von F-ing Miller.

But Miller would fumble in the scrum and also eventually as the ball was pushed out towards the end zone, Ward would recoup at the nine and also run it come the 4-yard line.

This time Manning and the offense would obtain their one and also only - yet oh so beautiful - touchdown the the game, thanks to the foot of C.J. Anderson indigenous the 2-yard line.

The Broncos would instantly choose to go for two, and also a pass to Benny Fowler open on the ideal side of the finish zone would put the video game out of reach, 24-10.

Manning would acquire his 2nd world championship, first as a Bronco, and also ride out into the sunset on top.

But the Broncos’ No. 1 defense - driven by MVP Miller and assisted by Ware and the No fly Zone - would prove come the world that defense does in reality win championships.

The NFL’s gold Super Bowl would certainly belong to a truly golden season because that the Broncos.

Because they completed their asses off.

"Y"all just wait until we acquire on the field. You"re walk to know why we are so good and why defense wins championships."

— Denver Broncos (
Broncos) February 5, 2021


I to be privileged come cover the Super key for Mile High Report, which to be an exceptional experience, but likewise a various one. Ns couldn’t “be a fan” prefer I wanted. I wore orange and blue and couldn’t assist but pump mine fists at every sack and also tackle and also score.

And in the end, I had actually to watch the gold confetti fall on the field from the push room while I obtained my front-row seat at Von Miller’s MVP push conference.

So I frequently go earlier to watch highlights and channel the energy that i felt however couldn’t display that day.

What an impressive season. As a fan that remembers well exactly how ecstatic i was to watch man Mobley bat down Brett Favre’s 4th-and-6 happen (that was quickly going to gain the Packers a great chance because that a 2nd championship in a row) so man Elway can get the Super bowl ring the deserved countless seasons prior to that, I have actually a strong affinity because that SB 32.

But given how the 2015 season transpired, ns can’t aid but simply think it to be the most amazing soccer season ns have ever been part of.

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I loved that season. Ns loved that team. I loved No. 58. I loved the defense. Ns loved the quarterback.

And I always will.

We walk it!!! #SB50

— Denver Broncos (
Broncos) February 8, 2016

"This one"s because that Pat!"

— ( February 8, 2016

"I"m just glad i was on the exact same team as our defense." - Peyton Manning (Kyle Terada-USA this day Sports)

— ( February 8, 2016

Von calls the #Broncos defense the "Orange Rush" ... I think it"s main now.

— medical professional of native (and tights) (
docllv) February 8, 2016

I created the critical chapter before the game due to the fact that I knew we"d win. And also I to be right. #SB50

— physician of words (and tights) (
docllv) February 8, 2016

The whole 2015-16 season in 6 minutes via
NFLFilms. Obviously, the finish is the best. Https://