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Awards and also Honors:Super bowl (1985)...(Show more)Date:1920 - present...(Show more)Headquarters:Chicago...(Show more)Areas of Involvement:gridiron football...(Show more)Related People:Mike DitkaRed GrangeWalter PaytonAlan PageBrian Urlacher...(Show more)

Chicago Bears, American expert gridiron football team based in Chicago the plays in the national Football Conference (NFC) of the national Football league (NFL). The bear are among football’s most successful franchises, having actually won eight NFL championships and one supervisor Bowl.

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The franchise that ended up being the bears was founded by businessman A.E. Staley in 1920 and was first known together the Decatur (Illinois) Staleys. George Halas ended up being player-coach the the brand-new team, which he relocated to Chicago in 1921 after ~ Staley handed the young franchise over to him. (Halas, affectionately well-known as “Papa Bear,” prowled the sidelines as head coach till 1968.) The team won the American skilled Football association (APFA) championship in its first season in Chicago, and also it was renamed the bear in 1922, the same year the APFA came to be the NFL. The early Chicago teams created a rivalry with the green Bay Packers, which became one of the sport’s many storied feuds. Led by a leading rushing assault that featured future room of reputation backs Red Grange and also Bronko Nagurski, the Bears captured NFL championships in 1932 and also 1933, the former of which was won in the very first playoff game in league history, a 9–0 win over the Portsmouth (Ohio) Spartans. In the 1940s the Bears winner four more championships (1940, 1941, 1943, 1946), largely because of the initiatives of quarterback Sid Luckman, a future member of the room of Fame. The innovative T-formation violation that Luckman ran, which utilized two running backs and set men in motion prior to the play, was an instant sensation and became the leading offense in the NFL.