The Denver Broncos are one of the many storied franchises in the NFL. With eight appearances in the at sight Bowl and also two Lombardi Trophies, the Broncos have compiled a history to be envied because the franchise was developed in 1960. Since 1975, the Broncos have actually only endured through six periods with shedding records. Man Elway and also Shannon Sharpe are among their previous players in the pro Football room of Fame, while Terrell Davis is a critical this year and current quarterback Peyton Manning is a future hall of Famer.

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Their illustration in Super key 50 against the Carolina Panthers will mark the eighth pilgrimage to the huge game for the Broncos, which is tied because that the many in league history alongside the new England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys. Regrettably for the Broncos, those teams have actually all won an ext Super Bowls. Denver has likewise lost much more Super Bowls than any type of other team in the NFL.

And when the Broncos have actually lost in the at sight Bowl, they"ve been demolished. In their five defeats, the mean score has been 41-12:

Super BowlDateTeamResult
XIIJan. 15, 1978Dallas Cowboys27-10 L
XXIJan. 25, 1987New York Giants39-20 L
XXIIJan 31, 1988Washington42-10 L
XXIVJan. 28, 1990San Francisco 49ers55-10 L
XXXIIJan. 25, 1998Green bay Packers31-24 W
XXXIIIJan. 31, 1999Atlanta Falcons34-19 W
XLVIIIFeb. 2, 2014Seattle Seahawks43-8 L

The san Francisco 49ers scored the most points in supervisor Bowl background when they scored eight touchdowns and also put up 55 on Denver in Super key XXIV. The 45-point game was likewise the largest margin of victory in Super key history.

And the Broncos have been on the receiving end of an ext than among those. In their last pilgrimage to the Super key in 2014, they fell to the Seattle Seahawks, and the game wasn"t also close. Seattle dominated them, 43-8. 2 years prior to their blowout loss to the 49ers, Washington toppled them, 42-10.

The last score in those supervisor Bowls could have to be embarrassing, however there to be no shame in losing to those particular opponents. The 49ers team they lost to had actually Joe Montana and also Jerry Rice, may be the biggest quarterback and wide receiver to ever before play the game. The 2014 Seahawks were one of the most fast, aggressive defensive teams in the history of the league.

If the Broncos fall to the Panthers in Super key 50, it won"t be shocking indigenous a matchup standpoint. Carolina, led through MVP frontrunner electronic came Newton, is a 5.5-point favorite. Back both the No. 1 seeds in the conference, the Panthers only dropped a single game in the regular season and cruised through the playoffs on the way to the at sight Bowl.

And if castle pull off the unexpected victory, as they did in the AFC Championship against the brand-new England Patriots, the won"t erase those uglier memories. But it"d be difficult to reprimand the Broncos for emotion extra triumphant, choose a weight had been lifted off the entire franchise"s shoulders.

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However, if the Broncos don"t win, it"ll just be one more Super bowl loss because that an company that"s well known for them. Nobody deserve to take far victories in Super key XXXII and XXXIII, however a 2-6 document in the big game won"t aid the Broncos" reputation for not showing up when it matters most.