The history and heritage of the new York Giants is linked to agree football itself because that one could have perished without the various other in the early days that the nationwide Football League. The late Tim Mara, now a member the the agree Football room of Fame, purchase a franchise for $500 in 1925 and also before the Giants" an initial season had ended, he had invested an additional $25,000 to save the franchise alive. A team in brand-new York was for this reason assured. Come a young NFL that was seeking national media and also fan attendance, a team in the nation"s largest city to be an pure must.

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The value of brand-new York exposure was clearly demonstrated in December of the very first season when more than 70,000 turned out at the Polo Grounds to check out the Giants play the Chicago Bears, who had actually just signed Red Grange, the most famous pro soccer player of the 1920s.

The an extremely next season (1926), Grange and also his agent created a rival American soccer League and placed your flagship team, the Yankees, in brand-new York to fight the Giants head-to-head. It verified to it is in a costly fight but the Giants and the NFL won. The AFL lasted only one year.

In their 3rd season in 1927, the Giants winner their first NFL championship behind a defense led by tackle Steve Owen that permitted an all-time short of 20 clues in 13 games. Owen came to be the Giants" coach in 1930. He held the job for 23 seasons and wound up v a 153-108-17 record. The still ranks 9th in all-time coaching victories. The Giants delighted in some that their finest seasons during the Owen years. Beginning with the start of divisional beat in 1933, the Giants winner eight Eastern division titles in 14 seasons and also NFL championships in 1934 and also 1938. Ken Strong, a triple-threat halfback and a premier placekicker, and Mel Hein, a center-linebacker who didn"t miss out on a game in 15 seasons, to be Giants standouts through many of the 1930s and also 1940s.

With the coaching of very first Jim Lee Howell in the so late 1950s and Allie Sherman in the early 1960s, the Giants winner the NFL title in 1956 and also six NFL east championships in eight years from 1956 come 1963. Together stars together Y. A. Tittle, candid Gifford, Roosevelt Brown, Emlen Tunnell and also Andy Robustelli led brand-new York"s yearly chase to the title game. Native 1964 to 1985, the Giants stayed out the championship contention. With Bill Parcells in ~ the helm, they won NFC Eastern division crowns in 1986, 1989 and 1990. Lock concluded the 1986 and 1990 projects with victories end Denver in Super key XXI and also Buffalo in Super key XXV.

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From the start, the Giants have actually been a household enterprise. Founder Tim Mara"s sons, Jack and also Wellington, succeeded him and Tim Mara II served for numerous years as the club"s evil president. Wellington Mara and Preston Robert Tisch, that purchased 50 percent of the club in 1991, offered as co-chief executive policemans until their deaths in 2005. In 2007, the Giants, led by quarterback Eli Manning and defensive end Michael Strahan, defeated the formerly unbeaten new England Patriots to capture the Super bowl XLII championship. Manning and the Giants winner a 2nd Super Bowl 4 years later in a rematch against the Patriots in Super bowl XLVI.