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The Smosh cast members. Smosh/YouTube

AKA:Ian Hecox and also the Smosh cast

Location:United States

Video type: Smosh was started by comedy duo Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, and also the channel was one of the an initial YouTube sensations. The channel is well-known for its assorted written sketches and comedy collection spinoffs. It"s since expanded right into other channels dedicated to video clip games and also Spanish language content.

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Smosh has actually been active since 2002, and also has get an impression tremendously because then. Among the founders, Anthony Padilla, left the channel in June 2017. Smosh has actually expanded past Hecox to encompass other characters that host the channel"s series and appear on Smosh"s spinoff channels. The Smosh brand was gained in at an early stage 2019 through Mythical Entertainment, a company owned by YouTubers Rhett & Link.

29. James Charles — 25.3 million subscribers


James Charles. Bryan Bedder/WireImage/Getty images

Location: united States

Video type: James Charles pertained to fame because that his beauty beauty content, yet he additionally posts a variety of vlogs, music covers, and activities that carry in a number of other influencers. He"s notably been involved, or tangential, to some of the greatest YouTube and TikTok drama end the course of the past several years.

28. VanossGaming — 25.4 million subscribers


AKA:Evan Fong


Video type: VanossGaming is a gaming commentator, but what sets the apart are his compilations of funny moment while he"s play that space stitched together.

27. Atta Halilintar — 26.2 million subscribers


Atta Halilintar/YouTube


Video type: Atta Halilintar typically short articles vlogs, home tours, and interviews v celebrities, the Jakarta post reported. He to be the first Southeast asian YouTuber to obtain YouTube"s Diamond Play switch (awarded for getting to 10 million subscribers) and is Indonesia"s biggest YouTube star.

26. JackSepticEye — 26.3 million subscribers

Seán McLoughlin AKA JackSepticEye. WME

AKA: Seán McLoughlin


Video type: JackSepticEye initially concerned fame as soon as PewDiePie discussed him in a video clip in 2013. His channel is centered roughly the Let"s Play-style of video gaming videos with accompanying swear-riddled commentary and also charity livestreaming.

25. AuronPlay — 26.9 million subscribers


AKA:Raúl Álvarez Genes


Video type:A renowned Twitch streamer, AuronPlay"s YouTube videos room a mix the vlogs, internet commentary, and gaming content.

24. A4 — 27.8 million subscribers


AKA:Vlad Bumaga


Video type: On his channel A4, Bumaga"s videos room comedy-focused, and also typically attribute vlogs, challenges, skits, and also pranks.

23. Shfa — 28 million subscribers


Location: unified Arab Emirates

Video type: Shfa"s channel, which shows up to be run by she parents, is geared in the direction of children and typically involve playthings or tasks like swim or having parties.There are additionally a variety of associated channels, including shfa2, shfa gaming, and also shfa español, that have amassed thousands to countless subscribers.

22. Ryan's people (Ryan ToysReview) — 28.1 million subscribers


AKA:Ryan Kaji

Location:United States

Video type: Ryan ToysReview— i m sorry was just recently rebranded to Ryan"s world — is a family-run channel, but the star of the display is 8-year-old Ryan Kaji, who generated $22 million in revenue in a solitary year.

21. Markiplier — 28.2 million subscribers

Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP

AKA: Mark Fischbach

Location:United States

Video type: Markiplier is an additional YouTuber known for his video clip game commentary, yet he"s recently increased into map out comedy. He"s well-known for his colorful commentary and also oft-dyed hair — and he sometimes sports a pink mustache.

20. Kimberly Loaiza — 28.2 million subscribers

Emma McIntyre/Getty pictures for Spotify

AKA:Kimberly Loaiza


Video type:Kimberly Loiaza is among Mexico"s most renowned social media stars, and also her YouTube videos frequently veer towards way of life content, challenges, and music. She likewise runs the channel JukiLop through her partner Juan de Dios Pantoja Nuñez.

T-18. Bring Minati — 28.4 million subscribers


AKA:Ajey Nagar


Video type: CarryMinati"s videos commonly focus on comedy, commentary, and music. He"s among India"s most popular YouTubers.

T-18. Toys and also Colors — 28.4 million subscribers

Toys and Colors/YouTube

AKA:Wendy, Jannie, Emma, and also family

Location:United States

Video type:While there"s not much public information obtainable on the family and group behind Toys and also Colors, the channel has actually amassed countless subscribers with family-friendly videos that display a rotating actors of youngsters who play through toys and act out different pretend scenarios.

17. RezendeEvil — 28.6 million subscribers

Pedro Afonso Rezende RezendeEvil/YouTube

AKA:Pedro Afonso Rezende


Video type:Rezende started out together a gaming channel where he posted videos of himself playing "Minecraft." due to the fact that then, he"s relocated that content over to one more channel, and also now concentrates mainly ~ above comedy videos and daily vlogs featuring his friends.

16. Vegetta777 — 32 million subscribers


AKA: Samuel de Luque


Video type: His channel, Vegetta777,is well-known for his gameplay videos for "Minecraft," "Saint"s Row," and "Battlefield." His voiceover style differs from plenty of other YouTube — he creates elaborate narratives and histories because that the personalities in his video clip games.

15. Luccas Neto — 33.5 million subscribers

Luccas Neto/YouTube



Video type:Luccas Neto produce sketches special characters and stories aimed at children. He"s the younger brother of comedic YouTuber Felipe Neto.

14. Luisito Comunica — 35 million subscribers

Luisito Comunica/YouTube

AKA:Luis Arturo Villar Sudek


Video type:Luisito Comunica renders travel vlogs documenting his experience in cities about the world. In his videos, he concentrates on showcasing the cultures and also histories the the places he visits.

13. Você Sabia? — 39 million subscribers

Lukas Marques, left, and also Daniel Molo. Você Sabia?/YouTube

AKA:Lukas Marques and Daniel Molo


Video type: The channel "Você Sabia?", which translates to "Did girlfriend Know?", existing videos with exciting facts and trivia from around the world.

12. El Rubius — 39.5 million subscribers


AKA: Rubén Doblas Gundersen


Video type: El Rubius is a gamer who does walk-throughs, reviews, and more, peppered with funny commentary. He began making videos ~ above his channel, ElRubiusOMG, at period 16, and also made the a full-time career in ~ 21.

11. Fernanfloo — 40.2 million subscribers


AKA: Luis Fernando Flores

Location:El Salvador

Video type: Fernanfloo isknown because that his gameplay videos and wacky antics. His dogs occasionally make appearances in his videos.

10. Felipe Neto — 41.1 million subscribers

Felipe Neto/YouTube


Video type: Felipe Neto makes comedic videos and also vlogs about his everyday life, current news, and also celebrities. In 2012, his YouTube channel ended up being the very first Brazilian channel come hit 1 million subscribers. He released a Netflix initial comedy special, "My Life makes No Sense," in 2017.

He"s the older brother of one more prominent YouTube, Luccas Neto.

9. Whinderssonnunes — 41.7 million subscribers


AKA: Whindersson Nunes


Video type: Whinderssonnunes has actually been making vlogs and comedic videos because he to be 15. The uploads parodies, songs, movie reviews, and also videos about his daily life.

8. JuegaGerman (aka HolaSoyGerman) — 42.8 million subscribers

German Garmendia presenting at the Streamy Awards in 2016. Frederick M. Brown/Getty images

AKA: Germán Garmendia


Video type: Garmendia is Latin America"s greatest YouTube star. His channel, JuegaGerman, first focused solely on video clip games, but has expanded into comedic content.

He has an additional channel with a comparable subscriber base — HolaSoyGerman., through 41.2 million subscribers — yet he hasn"t post to the in two years.

7. Badabun — 43.9 million subscribers



Video type: Badabun has grown in popularity v its series "Exponiendo Infieles," where the hold interviews couples to see if either human being is cheating on the other. The network"s team of Spanish-speaking influencers is likewise notable for its comedic on-the-street interviews, and also a huge Brother-type reality collection documenting influencers living in a mansion together.

6. MrBeast — 51.6 million subscribers

MrBeast MrBeast/YouTube

AKA:Jimmy Donaldson

Location:United States

Video type: MrBeast is known for two types of videos: viral obstacles — varying from "Counting come 100,000 in One Video" come "Last To remove Hand, it s okay Lamborghini Challenge" — to attention-grabbing donation and also charity stunts whereby he"ll dole out thousands of dollars to tiny Twitch games and also waitresses.

5. Dude Perfect — 54.9 million subscribers

YouTube/Dude Perfect

AKA: Cory and also Coby Cotton, plus three college friend (Tyler Toney, Garrett Hilbert, and Cody Jones)

Location:United States

Video type:The Dude Perfect guys are well-known for their compilations of cheat shots and their Rolodex of well known athletes that show up alongside them in your videos. The channel has expanded into comedy, and also the crew is frequently joined in your videos through a large Panda mascot.

4. Vlad and Niki — 61.5 million subscribers

Vlad and Nikita/YouTube

Location:United States

Video type:The US-based Vlad and Niki channel stars two brothers — Vlad, 7, and also Nikita, 5. Videos show the brother playing with toys and also showing turn off their everyday adventures.

3. Choose Nastya — 67.9 million subscribers

like Nastya Vlog/YouTube

AKA:Stacy, Nastya

Location:United States

Video type:The "Like Nastya" channel posts regular vlogs of a Russian-American girl named Stacy playing v toys and also going ~ above adventures through her family. Stacy additionally appears on other popular networks with millions of subscribers: prefer Nastya Show, Stacy Toys and Funny Stacy.

2. Youngsters Diana show — 73.2 million subscribers

children Diana Show/YouTube

Location:United States

Video type:The "Kids Diana Show" follows the antics of Diana and her brother, Roma. The channel features the Russian-speaking youngsters unboxing toys and going top top fantastical adventures.

1. PewDiePie — 108 million subscribers


AKA: Felix Kjellberg

Location:United Kingdom

Video type: PewDiePie is recognized for his popular videos wherein he offers commentary when playing video games. His contents has broadened into coverage and also commentary of net memes and also viral videos.

At one point, the swedish gamer to be locked in a months-long fight for the location of most-subscribed-to YouTube channel with Bollywood music company T-Series. His devoted fanbase took action to certain his No. 1 spot with considerable "Subscribe come PewDiePie" project that consisted of hacking printers and also buying billboard space. However, T-Series to win PewDiePie to the 100-million subscriber note at the end of may 2019.

Kjellberg has likewise attracted an unfavorable attention because that a long background of attack racist and also anti-Semitic remarks, i m sorry YouTube has actually punished him for.

John Lynch, Nina Godlewski, Harrison Jacobs, Maya Kosoff, and Nathan McAlone contributed to earlier versions the this post.

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