How many Students attend Virginia Tech?

Virginia Tech total enrollment is around 36,383 students.28,584 are undergraduates and 5,033 are graduate students.

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Virginia tech Undergraduate Population

Male/Female breakdown of UndergraduatesThe permanent Virginia technology undergraduate populace is made up of 43% women, and also 57% men.


For the gender breakdown for every students, walk here.Virginia technology Racial/Ethnic break down of Undergraduates

Race/EthnicityNumberWhite18,409Asian2,934Hispanic1,956International1,954Multi-Ethnic1,379Black or afri American1,211Unknown677Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander30

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Virginia tech Graduate student Population

Male/Female failure of Graduate StudentsAbout 45% of full-time grad students space women, and 55% men.


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Virginia technology Racial-Ethnic malfunction of Graduate Students

Race/EthnicityNumberWhite2,219International1,835Hispanic214Black or african American207Asian201Unknown191Multi-Ethnic158Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander0

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