The complying with is the list of Australia states and capitals in alphabetical order. Australia is divided into 6 states, three inner territories and seven outside territories.

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Capital city that states and territories the Australia

There are eight resources cities in Australia, Canberra is the capital city of Australia.

Australia is split into six states (New southern Wales, Queensland, south Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and also Western Australia), three interior territories (the Australian funding Territory, the Jervis only Territory, and also the northern Territory), and seven outside territories (Ashmore and Cartier Islands, the Australian Antarctic Territory, Christmas Island, the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, the Coral Sea Islands, Heard Island and also McDonald Islands, and Norfolk Island).

List of capital Cities that Australia:

State / TerritoryISO CodeTypeCapitalPopulation (2020)Area (sq km)
New south WalesAU-NSWStateSydney8,157,735809,952
South AustraliaAU-SAStateAdelaide1,767,2471,044,353
Western AustraliaAU-WAStatePerth2,656,1562,642,753
Australian capital TerritoryACTTerritoryCanberra429,8342,358
Jervis just TerritoryACTTerritoryNone (Jervis just Village)40567
Northern TerritoryNTTerritoryDarwin245,3531,419,630
Ashmore and also Cartier IslandsExt. TerritoryNone0199
Australian Antarctic TerritoryAQExt. TerritoryNone (Davis Station)605,896,500
Christmas IslandCXExt. TerritoryFlying Fish Cove1,938135
Cocos (Keeling) IslandsCCExt. TerritoryWest Island54714
Coral Sea IslandsExt. TerritoryNone (Willis Island)4780,000
Heard Island and McDonald IslandsHMExt.

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None (Atlas Cove)0372
Norfolk IslandNFExt. TerritoryKingston1,75835