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Editor’s note: This article was critical updated April 19,2021. It will be updated frequently.

Here’s a look at where claims are on the reopening curve to assist you decide exactly how to plan travel possibilities during these weird times.

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This overview is existing as of the moment of publication, and we will keep info regularly updated together the case progresses.

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Alabama come Guam


Quarantine required: None

Conditions: None

Penalties because that violation: None

Testing guidelines: None

Important to know: Everything is open in Alabama and anyone can visit. After a January 2021 instance surge, instances have because dramatically dropped.

The state’s more secure at residence order was prolonged to April 9, 2021, through Gov. Kay Ivey, who then amended it to a safer Apart Order, which finished mask needs for businesses and also individuals, but still recommended and also encouraged your use as well as other society distancing measures. The stimulate is in result through at the very least May 5, 2021.

Check the Johns Hopkins college website for updates on COVID-19 in Alabama.

For more information: Visit the state the Alabama’s COVID-19 info page and Alabama’s travel safety and security website.


(Photo through Blue Poppy/Getty Images)

Quarantine required: No

Conditions: None, although social distancing rules remain in effect

Penalties for violation: None

Testing guidelines:Recommended yet no much longer required. Having actually a negative COVID-19 PCR test result to avoid quarantine had been forced until Feb. 14, 2021, when Alaska’s state that emergency was lifted. Still, the state continues to say world “should consider” obtaining tested in ~ 72 hours of travel to Alaska and follow society distancing guidelines once in the state. Alaska is now also providing free COVID-19 tests upon arrival in Alaska (they had expense $250 because that non-residents). Travelers that opt for arrival experimentation should follow social distancing guidelines and also the state recommends a second test 5-14 job after come in Alaska.Note that children under the period of 10 room exempt. Details top top the latest recommendations and restrictions can be found here.

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Important to know: All visitors and returning citizens are still advised to complete this health and wellness declaration type (where an adverse test results can still it is in uploaded).Cases have declined greatly because early January 2021, although COVID-19 continues to affect Alaska. Masks space not required statewide however are recommended.Anchorage placed forth its own policies,however, which need that confront masks be worn in indoor and also crowded outdoor publicly spaces. After instituting a “hunker down” emergency policy in December 2020, the city relaxed conditions in so late January to enable for indoor dining in ~ 50% capacity.

Check the Johns Hopkins university website for updates on COVID-19 in Alaska.

For more information: Visit the state that Alaska’s safe Travels web page andcoronavirus info page.


Scottsdale, Arizona (Photo by thomas Roche / Getty Images)

Quarantine required: No

Conditions: None

Penalties because that violation: None

Testing guidelines: None

Important to know: Arizona has actually implemented few restrictions because that visitors, also as COVID-19 cases and also hospitalizations in the state spiked throughout January 2021, making it one of the country’s coronavirus hot spots. The state has had 851,000 complete cases because the pandemic’s onset, yet in March and April, instances have declined to pre-holiday levels. Hotels and also resorts are open with social-distancing and also cleaning measures. House sharing is allowed. Face masks room not compelled statewide, yet many counties and also businesses call for them. Masks are also required for those traveling through Phoenix sky Harbor international Airport (PHX) or Tucson worldwide Airport (TUC). Over there is no quarantine requirement, yet some states call for visitors from Arizona to quarantine. A list of what is open and also closed ishere.

Check the Johns Hopkins university website because that updates on COVID-19 in Arizona.

For more information: Visit Arizona has actually details on travel inthe state and the Arizona room of health Services has actually COVID-19 updates.


Quarantine required: No

Conditions: None

Penalties for violation: None

Testing guidelines: None

Important come know: Cases and hospitalizations in the state have ongoing to autumn after a post-holiday surge in January 2021, and also hotels and resorts stay open. Residence sharing is allowed. Every parks and golf courses are open.The Arkansas room of health and wellness recommends hand washing and also mask put on when among non-household members and social distancing isn’t possible. There was a statewide mask mandate, i m sorry Gov. Asa Hutchinson lifted on march 30, 2021, back businesses still deserve to ask customers to stay masks and citizens space expected come respect that. An 11 p.m. Curfew for all restaurants and bars that serve alcohol to be lifted on Feb. 3, 2021.

Check the Johns Hopkins college website for updates ~ above COVID-19 in Arkansas.

For much more information: Visit the Arkansas room of Health’sGuidance because that Travelers or the State of Arkansas travel website.


San Francisco, in march 2016. (Photo by Clint Henderson/The points Guy)

Quarantine required: Required for 7-10 job in Los Angeles County(for non-vaccinated travelers).Santa Clara CountyandSan Franciscolifted their quarantine need on in march 3, 2021 and Feb. 23, 2021, respectively.

Conditions: None

Penalties for violation: Done on a county-by-county basis

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Testing guidelines: Anyone that is unvaccinated and also traveling from outside of California is still “strongly recommended” to test and also self-quarantine, every the statewide reference updated on April 2, 2021.

Important to know: California freshly surpassed 3.7 million confirmed instances of COVID-19, including new variants that may have driven a surge in epidemic in January 2021. Los Angeles County endured a hospital bed shortage together it topped 1 million cases; more than 60,000 California residents have died, including 5,000 world in L.A. County in January alone. Situations in the state have since dropped dramatically.

On Jan. 25, 2021, Gov. Gavin Newsom lifted a statewide stay-at-home order known as the regional Stay house Order, which was issued Dec. 3, 2020, and also went into impact when a region’s hospital ICU bed accessibility fell below 15%. All counties have actually now returned to limitations under the Blueprint for a more secure Economy, a statewide setup for living through COVID-19 in the long term. The plan includes a frame for the state’s 58 counties with 4 risk category — widespread, substantial, moderate and also minimal — and permits sectors to increasingly open as disease transmission decreases. A full of 22 counties to be under widespread hazard as that April 16, 2021; inspect each county’s website for extr information.

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A Jan. 6, 2021 travel advisory was updated top top April 2, 2021 to note that “All travelers getting here in or returning to California from various other states or countries should monitor CDC take trip guidance.” The advisory additionally says that “non-essential travelers from other states or countries, are strongly discouraged indigenous entering California, and should adhere come the quarantine procedures.” These room recommend that non-essential travelers who room not totally vaccinated should obtain tested v a viral test 1-3 days prior to travel, and get experiment 3-5 job upon arrival to their destination. They should additionally stay home and also self-quarantine for a complete 7 job after travel, even if their test is negative. Non-essential travelers who space not completely vaccinated and also don’t gain tested must stay home and also self-quarantine for 10 job after travel.