Georgia Prison and also Jail info Directory

Below are links to every prison and jail in Georgia. Each correctional facility provided has information on inmate visitation hours and the mailing attend to to send packages, letters and books to. Users will also find the procedure for just how they can send money to your inmate and also can learn just how to do an inmate search.

We strive to provide our users with the most up to date and accurate information, but because the visiting hrs at correctional facilities deserve to rotate on regular basis we ask everyone to contact the detention facility prior visiting. If you discover that the visiting hrs for any type of of our facilities are incorrect, please leave us a comment at the bottom of the web page so we have the right to update them and carry out our users through the many accurate information.

Arrendale State Prison 
Augusta State medical Prison 
Autry State Prison 
Baldwin State Prison 
Bulloch ar CI 
Burruss Correctional cultivate Center 
Calhoun State Prison 
Carroll ar Correctional Institution 
Central State Prison 
Clarke ar Correctional Institution 
Clayton county Correctional Institution 
Coastal State Prison 
Coffee Correctional Facility 
Colquitt county Correctional Institution 
Coweta county CI 
Decatur ar Correctional 
Dodge State Prison 
Dooly State Prison 
Effingham ar Correctional 
Emanuel Womens Facility 
Floyd ar Prison 
Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison 
Georgia State Prison 
Gwinnett ar Correctional Institution 
Hall county Correctional Institution 
Hancock State Prison 
Harris county Correctional Institution 
Hays State Prison 
Jackson ar Correctional Institution 
Jefferson ar Correctional 
Johnson State Prison 
Lee State Prison 
Long State Prison 
Macon State Prison 
Mitchell ar Correctional 
Montgomery State Prison 
Muscogee ar Correctional 
Philips State Prison 
Pulaski State Prison 
Richmond county Correctional 
Rogers State Prison 
Rutledge State Prison 
Screven ar Prison 
Smith State Prison 
Spalding ar Correctional Institution 
Telfair State Prison/Milan Unit 
Terrell county Correctional Institution 
Thomas county Correctional 
Troup ar Correctional Institution 
Valdosta State Prison and also Annex 
Walker State Prison 
Ware State Prison 
Washington State Prison 
Wheeler Correctional Facility 
Wilcox State Prison