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Best location to watch: Disney+

From "who shooting first?" to "how valuable are lightsabers, actually?" and also "has any character ever sucked an ext than jar Jar Binks?" — warm take: yes — there space some arguments that Star battles fans will probably never settle. (More than four decades of detailed lore and intergalactic action will execute that come you.)

But through the franchise"s universe set to expand also further in ~ the next few years, we need to obtain one specific discussion out of the means ASAP: What"s the best order to watch all of the Star battles movies?

The answer come that inquiry isn"t cut and also dry, but it mostly depends on your familiarity through the series and exactly how "authentic" you desire your viewing suffer to be. Permit us to rest it down.

Where to clock the Star battles movies (in any type of order)

The Walt Disney firm spent a casual $4.05 exchange rate in 2012 to buy Lucasfilm LTD, the production firm behind Star Wars, and has since given the entire franchise a permanent house on that is Disney+ streaming service. (That includes every one of the movies in enhancement to Star wars shorts, specials, and canon TV shows prefer The Mandalorian.)

If you"d quite rent or buy individual Star wars movies instead of forking over $8 a month because that a Disney+ subscription, you deserve to do so via YouTube, Amazon element Video, Google Play, apple TV, and Vudu. There"s no insurance they"ll always be there, though.

As far as a details movie-watching stimulate goes, the general consensus is that you"ve obtained three means to journey through the series: by the classic order of relax date, in the logical chronological stimulate of events, or in the lesser-known "Machete Order." (More on that in a sec.) one of two people way, perform or execute not — there is no try.

How to watch the Star battles movies in relax order

The main Star wars movie collection is made up of 11 films total: a trilogy of trilogies well-known as the Skywalker Saga, to add two byproducts that to be released between the 3 newest films. (Disney considers those to be origin stories, but they"re not required viewing to understand the main storyline.)

If this is your maiden voyage into a galaxy far, much away, do yourself an enormous favor and watch the collection in bespeak of release date. Illustration IV: A brand-new Hope alone (the earliest and an initial movie in this sequence) sets up so much of the conflict and character dynamic that"ll bring you well v the rest of the series, and also you"ll spoil part pretty major surprises and also twists if you start elsewhere.

Here"s the viewing bespeak of a Star wars movie marathon the goes by relax date, with the must-watch Skywalker Saga movie highlighted in bold. (The entertainment team"s reviews are likewise linked when available.)

Original trilogy (available ~ above Disney+)

Star wars Episode IV: A new Hope (May 1977)

Star wars Episode V: The realm Strikes ago (May 1980)

Star wars Episode VI: Return that the Jedi (May 1983)

Prequel trilogy (available on Disney+)

Star battles Episode I: The Phantom Menace (May 1999)

Star wars Episode II: strike of the Clones (May 2002)

Star wars Episode III: Revenge the the Sith (May 2005)

Sequel trilogy, plus by-products (available top top Disney+)

How to clock the Star wars movies in chronological order

If you"ve been about Tatooine a few times, so to speak, try binging the Star wars movies the method George Lucas intended: in chronological stimulate of the series" events. This strategy revolves around the battle of Yavin, likewise known together the battle of the death Star, i beg your pardon took place in episode IV and also marks "year zero" in the Star battles timeline.

Here"s what a chronological watch perform looks prefer for the collection — obtainable on Disney+ — with the Skywalker Saga significant in bold:

Star wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (set 32 years before the fight of Yavin)

Star wars Episode II: attack of the Clones (set in 22 BBY)

Star battles Episode III: Revenge the the Sith (set in 19 BBY)

Solo: A Star battles Story (set circa 10 BBY)

Rogue One: A Star wars Story (leads right into the fight of Yavin)

Star battles Episode IV: A new Hope (set in 0 BBY)

Star wars Episode V: The realm Strikes earlier (set three years ~ the fight of Yavin)

Star wars Episode VI: Return that the Jedi (set in 4 ABY)

Star wars Episode VII: The force Awakens (set in 34 ABY)

Star wars Episode VIII: The critical Jedi (set in 34 ABY)

Star wars Episode IX: The rise of Skywalker (set in 35 ABY)

How to clock the Star wars movies in Machete Order

One can easily do the debate that The Phantom Menace is just a 136-minute-long reminder the what happens as soon as a movie"s entire spending plan is invested on crappy CGI. That, merged with the reality that the plot has actually no real result on the remainder of the prequel trilogy, has actually led many a viewer come ask: does Star battles really, truly need it?

Software developer and Star battles guru rod Hilton tried come answer that an extremely question around a decade earlier when he produced the "Machete Order," i m sorry slashes episode I out of the series entirely and also puts the other two prequel movies in between Episodes V and VI — a viewing sequence the refocuses the story on Luke Skywalker, the protagonist of the initial trilogy, while maintaining the series" best reveals. (Also a bonus: way less jar Jar.) It might not it is in the "proper" method to watch the Star wars movies, however it"s absolutely a fan favorite.

Here"s how to go about watching the movies (all available on Disney+) in Machete Order, per Hilton"s blog:

Star wars Episode IV: A brand-new Hope

Star battles Episode V: The empire Strikes Back

Star wars Episode II: strike of the Clones

Star wars Episode III: Revenge that the Sith

Star wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Star wars Episode VII: The force Awakens

Star battles Episode VIII: The critical Jedi

Star battles Episode IX: The increase of Skywalker

If friend really desire to store Episode ns as component of her Star wars rotation, Hilton recommends treating it favor an anthology film that you traction in ~ the "book" of the key story is closed. (Same v Rogue One and Solo.)

Okay, however what"s the ideal Star battles movie?

This is an even an ext loaded this inquiry than the "which order?" one, TBH. We"re going come defer it come deputy editor chris Taylor, ours resident Star battles expert. (No, really — he literally wrote the book on it.)

Click here for his official ranking, which includes one extra man film that isn"t technically part of the key movie collection but still got a theatrical release.

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