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A current viral image shared by the conservative group turning Point USA search to comparison the method the Obamas and the Trumps handle public money in the food of moving out your work.

The short article said, "Obama donated no one of his salary. Michelle had actually a staff of 23. Trumped donates every one of his salary. Melania has a staff of 4." post to on facebook on Aug. 1, 2018, this image was flagged as part of Facebook’s initiatives to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed. It was likewise shared with through a reader.


Alleging the the Obamas ripped off taxpayers through lavish security is a longtime assault line, and one that’s been consistently debunked. We knocked under such claims during Obama’s very first term, as did and Snopes.

What around this viral image?

There’s not much controversy about the presidents’ divergent philosophies to value donation. We space tracking Trump’s pledge come donate his presidential value on the Trump-O-Meter and also currently rate it a Promise Kept. 

But what around the assertion that Michelle Obama "had a staff of 23" when Melania trump card "has a staff of 4"? We found that that exaggerated. (Turning suggest USA did not respond come an inquiry.)

Counting heads

Shortly after she husband was sworn in, Trump stated in a statement that she would certainly slowly develop out she staff.

"I am placing together a professional and highly skilled team, which will certainly take time to carry out properly," the explain said. "I to be excited to be organizing and bringing together such a dynamic and forward-thinking team of individuals who will work-related together to make our country much better for everyone."

In April 2018, the White house told CNN that the eastern Wing staff had actually reached 10 people. The adhering to August, the Washington article reported the same variety of staffers — 10.

In late June 2018, an main filing by the White House provided at the very least seven employee who had been cited in the CNN report together reporting to Melania Trump:

Lindsay B. Reynolds, assistant to the president and chief of employee to the an initial lady.

Stephanie A. Grisham, deputy assistant to the president and also director of interactions for the office of the first lady.

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Anna C. Niceta, deputy assistant come the president and social secretary.

Reagan P. Thompson, distinct assistant come the president and also director of policy for the office of the very first lady