Welcome to The Villages

Homes on tree inside wall streets. Golf carts setravel by. Neighbors mingling in the city squares. Balmy nights at a concert. Sound too an excellent to it is in true?…well it really is true ! Welcome come the Villages, referred to as “Florida’s Friendliest Retirement Hometown”. From homes to healthcare, sports to shopping, recreation come restaurants, The Villages supplies its inhabitants an energetic adult way of living with many recreational options. The villages is an amazing, colorful over 55 active adult golf cart ar located simply 90 minutes phibìc of Orlando in main Florida not far from Ocala. It is arourted by plenty of as America’s best and most famous retirement community.

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The concept of The towns began ago in the 1960’s, as soon as Michigan business man Harold Schwartz saw an opportunity during one the Florida’s land booms. The Florida grasslands to be not just abundant but likewise a bargain for the times. Schwartz like other developers bought substantial parcels the land v the expect of attracting northern retirees come the lush Florida paradise.

His vision pertained to fruition when he and his companion Al Tarrson opened a trailer park, Orange blossom Gardens, top top the current site the The Villages. Schwartz ultimately bought the end his partner and brought in his kid Gary Morse. Acquisition the command from various other successful retirement communities like Del Webb’s sunlight City, Schwartz and also his child started adding amenities come the community like banks, shops and also of course golf courses. Orange flower Gardens grew and also grew until in 1992 it to be renamed The Villages. The community continued and by the early 2000’s had a populace of end 25,000!

The rest, together they say, is history.

 Today The Villages has a populace of over 125,000 residents. It encompasses 3 counties, mostly Sumter but likewise parts that Lake and Marion Counties. That boasts 50 golf courses, 2500 clubs and also activities, and 3 city squares. Curious about life in the Villages? examine out the well-known forum Talkofthevillages.com to see what world who live right here are saying!

Best means to watch The Villages

There room several methods to evaluate whether you want to live in The Villages.

The Villages lifestyle tour 3 -14 days. Continue to be close to a Towne Square, golf cart and bicycle readily available by The villages Developer. $125 -$175 a nightStay in a regional Hotel for similar fees, rent a golf dare or just drive aroundRent for a month or two and also really gain the feeling of the communityOr, stay with friend that currently live here

Shopping and also Dining

There are numerous retail shop from arts and also crafts to clothing, furniture and department stores. You deserve to shop till you drop at chain stores favor Bealls, Kohls, TJ Maxx, Edwin watts Golf, Target and also Walmart. Or simply browse the many specialty shops including Turtle only Clothing, All things Fine and Arden good Jewelry.


As because that dining, the selections are endless. There space so many good restaurants that also the most seasoned diner will be difficult pressed to do a an option ! Applebees, Beef O’Bradys, Bonefish Grill, Carrabas, Dennys, Johnny Rockets, Outback and also Red Lobster are simply a couple of of the restaurants. There are additionally excellent local restaurants serving whatever from seafood and Italian to Mexican and also Asian cuisine.

And let’s no forget Happy Hour ! Sip a drink exterior by the water in ~ The Lighthouse allude Bar & Grille or protect against by Margarita Republic Grill & Bar….the name claims it all…. And also they have karaoke, NTN trivia and billiards. For dinner, dancing, first rate entertainment and also music, Katie Belle’s Resident club is the place to it is in ! that is a spectacular two-story western layout club situated in the city Square. Rumor has it that also Lady Gaga performed here!!

Getting roughly The Villages

Getting approximately The towns is not simple as it’s over 25 miles. Many Villagers own a golf cart together there are over 90 mile of golf cart paths which are fantastic! But, you can ask any type of Villager around trying to get about The villages on the dare paths and the disappointed it causes. The can come to be quite aggravating and also confusing… simply ask glen Beck who was down in The Villages, FL trying to journey around and also you can see this comical YouTube video.Too poor for glen Beck that THE VILLAGES general practitioners was not around at that time! before this MUST application to very own Villagers would look at file maps that were worthless and basically drive blind. Every the answer to your prayers are addressed with this handy small app that you can easily download to any Google Android or apple IOS device (including phones and Tablets).

The application is a an effective GPS device for navigating this roads, roundabouts and also Golf dare paths and is a must for all VILLAGERS especially if your coming to visit or going to be relocating here.

Not only does the have complete turn by revolve voice direction of all the golf cart paths in The Villages yet you can use it almost everywhere in the United says for your vehicle on all streets!

now you will have the ability to enjoy longer rides and also visit areas you have actually never been prior to without the worry of ending up being lost. This map app also gives all the city squares, championship and also executive golf courses, recreation centers, ar villages, etc.

The application also allows you come bookmark her favorite locations, find by address, show locations of attention such as parks, hotels, restaurants, shopping and also schools. Street, Satellite, and Hybrid views space available. Countless Villagers now have actually been maybe to rise travel distance by conserving golf dare battery through no wrong turns. You have the right to download this handy tiny gadget application in her phones application store or merely visit: VillagesGPS.com.


Population that The towns is at this time over 125,000 and expected to proceed to grow.Current variety of rooftops is over 46,000 and rapidly draw close 56,000.New house sales continue at about 200 – 250 every month.Pre-owned dwellings average 200 every month between REALTOR and also Developer salesThere are around 78 different villages in ~ The Villages and growing.Villages selection in size from 100 homes to 1550 homes (Duval is the biggest with 1550).The Villages building area consist of 32 square miles and is cultivation through recent small acquisitions.There are approximately 90 miles of golf cart paths.The villages occupies parts of 3 counties in Florida (Lake, Sumter & Marion) with the bulk of residences in Sumter County.The populace of the villages grows by around 4,500 annually.Currently there are 3 city squares (Lake Sumter Landing, Spanish Springs and Brownwood) wherein there is live entertain every night 5-9pm , dancing and Happy Hours.There space 13 commercial areas (Lake Sumter Landing, Spanish Springs, La Plaza Grande, Buffalo Ridge, swarm Plaza, southerly Trace, Spanish Plaines, roll Acres, Mulberry Grove, Brownwood Paddock Square, Pinellas Plaza, Grand Traverse, and Lake Deaton).ALL businesses in The Villages room Golf dare Accessible.There room five significant grocery chains (Publix, Sweet Bay/Winn Dixie, fresh Market, WalMart Chains) that space golf dare accessible.Over 100+ dining selections (not including the 12 country clubs).At build-out the population of The villages will do it the 14th biggest municipality in Florida.The Villages population is bigger than 33 of the 67 counties in Florida.There room 4 dog parks in The villages (Paradise, Mulberry, Atlas, Dudley & Brinson-Perry)80% All homes must be populated by at the very least one person who is 55 year of age or older.Persons under the period of 19 years room not allowed to reside within The Villages but may visit because that a preferably of 30 days per year unless an exemption is granted.3 subdivisions space designated as “family units” and are not subject to the under-19 restriction. This subdivisions adjoin the Villages however are not part of the Villages and also do no pay for nor enjoy Recreation and Amenities within the Villages.12 nation Clubs (8 through pools – but Arnold Palmer, Bonifay, andTierra Del Sol do not have actually pools).25 family Pools (Allows Guests and children).52 ar Pools (residents only).10 sporting activities Pools (residents only).There room over 2,500 society Clubs.

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Other interesting Information

There space 5 water towers in The Villages.There space over 1200 mile of water mains, 5427 miles of new water mains, 450 mile of rubbish water mains and also 228 mile of irrigation water mains in The Villages.There space over 8,000 manholes in The Villages.The villages hospital opened 16 years back with simply 60 beds, and also within year was recognized as among the fastest growing acute treatment hospitals in the joined States. Currently the hospital includes 307 patient beds.The Villages had a partnership v USF health and wellness (University of southern Florida) the brought totally free screenings and also a lecture series to thousands in the Villages neighborhood that handle with an essential medical issues. This partnership additionally led come the Villages wellness project, which aimed to redefine the interaction between Villagers and their doctors and health centers. Unfortunately, USF is no much longer apart the the project, but the Villages continues to strive because that a an ext community based and also patient focused health treatment system.In much more recent years, The towns initiated a “Marcus Welby” type planned health treatment network featuring creative approach to combined patient care. With this technique doctor’s will take on much less patients to ensure much more time to focus on individual’s care.The Villages has eight fire stations.The villages Public safety Department has 131 employees, about 70% space trained medics and also 30% space trained EMT’s. Average response time is much less than 4 minutes.A new program freshly launched called “Pulse allude Respond” aims to have residents in ~ the ar who space trained in CPR and willing to aid in situations of emergency to be contacted if someone adjacent (1/4 mile) is having cardiac arrest. Simultaneously, as a bystander is notified, emergency medical treatment is dispatched.As of august 2018, the survival rate for sudden cardiac arrest in The towns Fl to be 36% this is about 6 times the national average of only 6%. Contributing to this high survival rate are the countless Villagers acquisition CPR training. The Villages currently has 192 AED groups.Falls involving injury account for around 20% of the rescue calls made by the villages Public security Department countless are preventable.The towns is house to a 99,000 sq. Foot VA Outpatient Clinic.The villages hospital has actually Moffitt Cancer Center, a comprehensive standalone cancer center.In most of The towns where master reside, 10 of the 13 Residential Community advance Districts (CDD) develop and maintain the area.The CDD provides and maintains roads, transportation paths, storm water systems and structures, secret utilities, curbs and also gutters, and street lights.The remaining three commercial CDD’s are: village Center Community advance District -(VCCDD) Sumter Landing Community breakthrough District, and Brownwood Community advancement District.There are additionally two spontaneous homeowners’ associations in The Villages: The residential or commercial property Owners combination (POA) and The villages Homeowners combination (VHA) with over 25,000 members.POA and also VHA both occupational towards enhancing the homeowner’s endure within the Villages. The POA is much more targeted towards CDD’s and also addressing ar issues through educational programs and more.VHA is an ext closely aligned with the developer and charges a two-year due of $25 to all members. Members of the VHA get discounts in ~ various local businesses, amongst other beneficial services such as golf dare clinics and also more.Over 12,000 people work in The Villages, or for businesses in the growing community.92% the students in ~ The towns Charter School breakthrough to higher education.The towns Charter school is one A rated High college with a 99% graduation rate.The towns Charter School has actually over 3,000 students per year and also it’s cultivation fast with a new Early Childhood Center.The villages Charter School is among the only five schools in the tri-county area to knife a “School that Excellence” award because that consecutive “A” ratings and high-performance levels.The towns operates its very own Lifelong learning College for residents.The Lifelong learning College has on median 500 process each semester.The Lifelong finding out College has around 18,000 occupants attend roughly 25,000 sessions each year.The villages adds 30 million dollars to Sumter County’s taxation base.The towns is planned to be residence to 2.7 million square feet of advertisement buildings and retail tenants.The villages is the safest solitary site breakthrough in the nation with the lowest crime rate.Approximately 150,000 civilization travel v the neighborhood each day follow me its busiest corridor US441/27.There room 2321 residential highways in The Villages.