Regarding the population Size :

Around 850,000 people, which renders Jerusalem the biggest city in Israel, even more than Tel-Aviv, yet unlike Tel-Aviv, a most suburbs are included within Jerusalem municipality. For this reason Jerusalem is not a huge city prefer London or Paris whereby there are about 12 million human being (There are about 9 million civilization in every Israel). In Jerusalem, around 60% the the populace is Jew, 35% Muslim and 5 % Christian and also other minorities.

Regarding the Physical dimension :

The Old City is about 1 kilometres wide, it’s simple to go in it.From the central Bus terminal till the old city, there space 3 Km, i walked that path many times, that takes about fifty percent hour.

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There is the tramway going the way. The Town center is right prior to the Old City.Click ~ above the Map to enlarge :


Some suburbs that Jerusalem room quite much from the city center, choose Gilo about 6 km away and Ramot 5 kilometres away.Click ~ above the Map come enlarge :


Aerial ranges :

From Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv : 55 KmFrom Jerusalem come the Airport : 40 KmFrom Jerusalem to the Dead Sea : 22 KmFrom Jerusalem to Amman, the capital of Jordan : 66 Km

Click top top the Map to enlarge :


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