The world's largest cruise ship has been revealed, and it's unlike any of the predecessors. Royal Caribbean announced this week that it'll beginning the biggest cruise ship to date, Symphony of the Seas, in April 2018, reports The Telegraph.

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The ship will take the location from the cruise line's sister ship, Harmony the the Seas, which launched in 2016 with a volume of 5,479 passengers. At 1,188 feet long and 215 feet wide—roughly the length of a city block—the 16-deck Symphony of the Seas will carry 5,500 passenger in 2,774 cabins. The hallmark of the ship will certainly be a 1,346-square-foot family members suite that'll take vacationing with children to a whole brand-new level that luxury.

Appropriately dubbed the Ultimate family members Suite, the two-bedroom cabin will sleep up to eight people and feature a slide in between the children's bedroom and also the life room and also a 212-square-foot wraparound balcony. As if the weren't enough, the suite will also include a climbing wall surface built out of LEGOs, a 3D movie theater through a popcorn device and video clip game library, a whirlpool, and also air hockey for great measure.

The rest of the delivery is proving to it is in as elaborate as the family members suite, though plenty of of its attributes are on par with what Harmony the the Seas currently offers. There will be a 100-foot drop water slide, a Bionic Bar that serves drink by a robotic arm, and also a sports bar and arcade through 30 large-screen TVs.

Instead the lining approximately board the ship, passengers will be able to check in via a mobile app. The Symphony that the Seas will invest its inaugural summer in Europe—stopping in ~ Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Provence, Florence, Pisa, Rome, and Naples—before arriving at that is cruise terminal in Miami, which in ~ 170,000 square feet, will likewise be newly constructed for the ship.

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