It has now to be 18 years because the ns of an are Shuttle Columbia. The orbiter auto broke upon re-entry right into the earth"s setting as it to be completing its 28th mission.

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What You should KnowSpace spaceship Columbia broke up top top re-entry right into earth"s environment over Texas on February 1, 2003Doppler radar from surrounding Shreveport, Lousiana captured the shuttle"s course as itdisintegratedThe path shown on radar was provided to recover debris from the accident across eastern Texas and also western Louisiana

Columbia to be the second NASA space shuttle disaster. Space Shuttle Challenger exploded just after take off on January 28, 1986.

The Challenger disaster has actually been attached to person that is abnormal cold temperatures in the work leading approximately take off. The Columbia disaster was not weather-related.

However, weather modern technology was used to monitor debris from the spaceship as it broke down in the skies over eastern Texas and also western Louisiana on the morning that February 1, 2003.

I was a meteorologist working in the Lufkin and Nacogdoches area the Texas at the time. After functioning the so late evening newscasts the night before, i was resting in that Saturday morning when my NOAA weather radio sound an alarm.

Confused at an initial of why my weather radio would certainly sound an alarm on a clear morning, I quickly realized this was no a weather alert. The Emergency alert System has been activated v a polite emergency article instructing inhabitants of the area not to touch space shuttle debris.

National Weather organization Doppler radar in nearby Shreveport, Louisiana recorded the path of Columbia together it damaged up end the region.


A NASA hangar holds piece of the space Shuttle Columbia. Searchers, including the FBI, recovered about 38 percent of the spaceship – an ext than 82,000 pieces weighing 84,800 pounds. Professionals at the FBI Laboratory helped identify some of the serial number of the damaged tiles. (NASA)

Using proof from that debris and video clip from takeoff, NASA figured out a item of foam struck the shuttle on take it off, puncturing the finish of a wing. The intense heat of the spaceship re-entering the earth"s atmosphere caused gases to go into the hole in the wing.

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Seven astronauts were eliminated when Columbia damaged up: Colonel stack Husband, Commander wilhelm McCool, Lt. Colonel Michael Anderson, Captain David Brown, command Laurel Clark, Dr. Kalpana Chawla, and Israeli Colonel Ilan Ramon.