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Top 14 methods to earn Southwest points

1. Southwest flights

The easiest means to knife Southwest quick Rewards points is by booking and also flying with Southwest Airlines. Relying on the fare type, you’ll earn in between six and also 12 points per dollar spent on her Southwest ticket. In ~ the cheapest Wanna acquire Away fare level, you’ll earn six quick Rewards points per dollar spent on Southwest flights, if you’ll knife 12 quick Rewards points per dollar if you purchase a business Select fare (the middle-range whenever flights earn 10 points per $1). Points room earned on the base fare price, excluding taxes and fees.


2. Elite status bonus

You can boost the number of Rapid Rewards points the you earn per dollar through earning A-List or A-List wanted elite status with the airline. Southwest A-List members knife a 25% bonus on every Southwest flights, while top-tier A-List wanted members knife a 100% bonus top top their rapid Rewards clues earned with the airline.

Points earned on a $200 flight

Wanna get AwayNone1,200AnytimeNone2,000Business SelectNone2,400Wanna gain AwayA-List (25% boost)1,500AnytimeA-List (25% boost)2,500Business SelectA-List (25% boost)3,000Wanna gain AwayA-List wanted (100% boost)2,400AnytimeA-List preferred (100% boost)4,000Business SelectA-List wanted (100% boost)4,800

As the table over illustrates, you’ll earn significantly much more Rapid Rewards points by having elite status, especially if you purchase a greater fare class.

Earning Southwest elite status calls for you come either finish a minimum number of one-way qualifying flights or knife a minimum variety of tier qualifying points. To acquire A-List status, you must fly ~ above at least 25 one-way flights or knife 35,000 tier-qualifying points within one calendar year. Top-tier A-List preferred status requires you to paris a minimum of 50 one-way flights or knife 70,000 tier-qualifying points per year.

Tier-qualifying points are awarded in ~ the same price as base rapid Rewards points: six, 10 or 12 for every dissension you invest with Southwest, relying on the purchase fare class. Because that example, if you exclusively buy at any time tickets, you’ll should spend a minimum the $3,500 per year top top Southwest fares to qualify for A-List status.

Note that bonus points from holding Southwest elite status perform not count together tier qualifying points. However, you can additionally earn tier qualifying clues through spend on standard Southwest rapid Rewards credit cards.

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3. Southwest credit transaction cards

Opening a Southwest Rapids Rewards credit card is among the easiest methods to earn several Rapid Rewards points. The three customer credit cards are right now offering up to 100,000 points, and also if you have actually a little business, you can earn approximately 80,000 bonus fast Rewards points.