Some understand him as the former governor the California. Others remember him as the nephew-in-law to President john F. Kennedy. Many think that him as The Terminator. And some just contact him dad.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the father of five children — four with his former wife, journalist Maria Shriver. The 5th was born the end of wedlock.

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From bodybuilder to gibbs to politician


Arnold Schwarzenegger | Yuichi Yamazaki/Getty Images

Schwarzenegger, a native Austrian, immigrated to the U.S. In ~ the period of 21. Born July 30, 1947, the 73-year-old was known for pump iron. In the years to come, Schwarzenegger earned five Mr. World titles and six Mr. Olympia crowns, follow to Men’s Health, making that the many renowned bodybuilder in history.

His physique and an excellent looks bring about him to Hollywood. The starred in such films as Conan the BarbarianThe Terminator, and The Predator. Gift a Republican didn’t protect against Schwarzenegger indigenous marrying into one the the highest-profile democratic families in the country.

He married Shriver, the daughter the JFK’s sister, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, in 1986. 

When California branch Gray Davis was facing recall in 2003, Schwarzenegger made decision to throw his hat into the politics arena. He beat Davis in the recall election and went on to serve the state for the following seven years.

Schwarzenegger’s better-known kids

We talk to Patrick Schwarzenegger and also Maria Shriver about Katherine's pregnancy and also why Maria is NOT prepared to Be called 'grandma' this evening on ET!

— Entertainment this evening (
etnow) might 5, 2020

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On December 13, 1989, Shriver gave birth come the couple’s firstborn, Katherine. Katherine graduated from the university of southerly California (USC) in 2012. The young writer wrote a publication in 2010, “Rock What You’ve Got.” A couple of years later, she writer “I simply Graduated . . . Now What?”

Katherine’s connect to call is not only through her well known parents. She began dating actor kris Pratt in 2018. They were married in 2019 and welcomed their an initial child, Lyla Maria in respectable 2020. Pratt, ideal known for his role in Marvel‘sGuardians the the Galaxy, has actually a child from his previous marital relationship toMomactress Anna Faris.

Born September 18, 1993, Patrick Schwarzenegger has adhered to in his father’s exhilaration footsteps. The 27-year-old model-turn-actor debuted in his first film,The Benchwarmersin 2006, follow to IMDb. His first starring role came in the 2018 film,Midnight Sun. In 2020, he appeared inEcho Boomers.

A USC grad like his eldest sister, Patrick co-founded the clothing firm #Project360 the donates some of its proceeds come charity. Patrick dated Miley Cyrus for about six month in 2014-2015. He has actually been seeing his existing girlfriend, model Abby Champion since early 2016, follow to Distractify.

Schwarzenegger’s other three children

Those whose who continue to be out that the limelight space Christina and also Christopher. Born July 23, 1991, Christina is the 2nd eldest that the Schwarzenegger clan.

She opted to to visit her mother’s alma mater, Georgetown University, and was employed as an assistant editor for Gwyneth Paltrow’s wellness and also lifestyle brand company, Goop. 

Having experienced from add as a child, Christina began taking Adderall as a student in the first year in high school, follow to brand-new York Gal. In 2018, she co-produced a Netflix documentary,Take her Pills, concentrating on seeks to the drug amongst college students.

Christopher is the youngest son with the Schwarzenegger name. Born September 27, 1997, he i graduated from the university of Michigan in 2020. At the age of 13, Christopher suffered a surfing accident breaking his ribs and also collapsing one of his lungs. That keeps a low profile and also does not participate in social media together the remainder of the household does.

Part of Christopher’s shyness may stem indigenous the reality that he has a half-brother, just a couple of days younger. Joseph Baena, born October 2, 1997, is the child of Schwarzenegger and Mildred Baena, the Schwarzeneggers’ former housekeeper. The news that Schwarzenegger’s “secret son” come out v a Los Angeles Times short article in 2011. It resulted in the ultimate divorce that Shriver indigenous Schwarzenegger.

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Joseph attend Pepperdine University, graduating in 2019. Choose his father, he has an interest in bodybuilding and can be spotted with his dad at the gym. While we don’t recognize just just how Christopher reaction to learning of his younger sibling, according to The Things, the bond in between Christopher and his father has actually grown stronger in current times.

Schwarzenegger common in a 2018 Men’s health interview, “Fatherhood is yes, really the best joy. The town hall all five of my children grow into their very own successful stays is fantastic. Spending time with them, working out together, answering their questions makes me so happy.”