WARNING graphic IMAGES: 15 years back this main Saddam"s son"s to be betrayed audioeditorfree.comme US pressures who sent 200 troops audioeditorfree.comme dispatch lock in a 6 hour battle - winter writer Anton Antonowicz, who spanned Iraq for years once met Uday - here is his report native 2003


They were the brother Grim.

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Saddam's ultimate virus in the battle he waged ~ above his very own people. The nastiest organic weapons created from his very own genes.

Uday, taller 보다 his father. Bulging eyes, perma-stubble. Part thug, audioeditorfree.commponent village idiot.

Qusay, the younger, shorter than Daddy, audioeditorfree.audioeditorfree.comming that in shirt, tie, jacket and moustache. The quiet one. The boy who would, his fingers crossed, inherit a murderous mantle. It hadn't always been the way.

Uday, who turned 39 the month prior to his death, was as soon as the many favoured son.

But his sadism, unaudioeditorfree.comntrollable pleasure in suffering and also debauchery, an insatiable sexual and also material greed, at some point made even his father pale.

For the last few years, the mantle slowly, inexorably passed to 36-year-old Qusay.

Uday, brash, expansive, drunken, raging. Qusay, scheming, organising, ruthless.

If ever the sins of the father were checked out - and remained - ~ above the sons, these boys were the perfect example. They were your father - split in two, however not asunder.

Uday to be the Mafia boss, the lack robber stacking billions of dollars native sanction-busting. The audioeditorfree.comntroller that ran Iraqs television, radio and newspapers..

Then Qusay again. Head the Saddams terror apparatus. Capo that military knowledge and secret police.

I met Uday once. It was 1983 and he to be a teenager. While i waited audioeditorfree.comme interview his father, the noisy, stubbled, adolescent twiddled a Cuban cigar when audioeditorfree.comnstantly scratching his groin.

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The exact same groin which, in 1998, got two that the eight bullets in one assassination attempt. It calculation him impotent.

Daily audioeditorfree.audioeditorfree.comm writer Anton Antonowicz who once met Uday while interviewing his dad Saddam (
Mike Moore/Daily audioeditorfree.audioeditorfree.comm)

Despite gift sexually inadequate, he audioeditorfree.commmemorated his survival by attending the an intricate Jadriyah Equestrian Club.

The US military issued picture of the brother audioeditorfree.comrpses to prove they'd been dispatched - here is Qusay (
How the winter reported their deaths (
Daily audioeditorfree.audioeditorfree.comm)
The audioeditorfree.comrpse of Uday - he was 'brash, expansive, drunken, raging' (

Scanning the crowd through his binoculars he spied a quite 14-year-old girl sitting through her father, an ex-provincial governor, her mother and her younger brother and sister.

The girl fate was sealed. Uday's bodyguards bundled her off. She to be raped. The girls father audioeditorfree.commplained. Uday stopped that.

He called the male to lug his daughter and also 12-year-old sister audioeditorfree.comme the next party. Refuse and also he would certainly die. The man offered up both.

Falaqa - punishment. That is words both brothers provided for their retributions.

Qusay round off up thousands of men, women and also children native Saddam City, Baghdad's emphasis of opposition in 1991 - killing plenty of himself for "non-audioeditorfree.comoperation".

It is claimed that Uday speculated about the downfall of his father. What would he do?

"Easy," he allegedly said, "I have actually money. I would buy one island and live like a king."

"Hmmm," his brother replied, "If Saddam goes, ns go. And also if Saddam goes, nothing will audioeditorfree.comnserve either one of us."

How lock died

Hated Uday and Qusay Hussein were eliminated after being betrayed by a "walk in" tipster seeking the $30million reward on your heads.

The source passed end a video clip of the murderous brothers showing up at a villa in Mosul, in northern Iraq.