In one way, shape, or form, we have actually all been affected by Elvis’s music in some means that has changed the method that we check out Rock and Roll. Many musicians throughout the 60’s and also even today are influenced by Elvis Presley’s music and many of his songs room still covered and glorified as you review this article. What renders Elvis a music legend is not only the means he influenced Rock music yet the controversial life the he had actually as a singer. Even if it is it it is in from his sex-related influence, his medicine addictions, his enlistment in the army and also even theories about his death, there space so countless questions the we always wanted to know around the King of Rock. As result of our curiosity, us dug increase 8 stunner facts about the legend himself, Elvis Presley. Enjoy!

Elvis had An the same Twin

Elvis Aron (later spelled Aaron) Presley to be born on January 8, 1935. He was born approximately 35 minute after his the same twin brother, Jesse Garon Presley, who passed away as a stillborn. Little Jesse was hidden in an there was no sign grave in Priceville Cemetery in Mississippi, surrounding Elvis’s birthplace of east Tupelo. Elvis grew up to it is in an just child in his bad family yet spoke of his twin throughout his life. He was christened with only one ‘a’ in his center name so can share a characteristic through his twin brother, but decided to add an ‘a’ in Aaron in the direction of the end of his life to do his middle name biblical.

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Elvis to be a black Belt in Karate


Not only did the King soothing the masses with his voice, the could likewise kick part ass when he want to! he learned under the Shotokan sensei Jurgen Seydal, if fulfilling his military duties in 1958! His black color belt to be awarded before his return to the U.S. By Chito-Ryu instructor Hank Slemansky. Transparent his life, martial arts ongoing to accumulate Elvis and his favorite form of fighting ended up being American Kenpo.

Elvis never ever Performed outside of The USA or Canada

Elvis had actually only play 5 concerts outside of the U.S., every on a 3-day tourism of Canada in 1957. Many thought that his reasoning for never ever going abroad again was the his longtime manager, Colonel Tom Parker, to be an illegal immigrant from Holland who would have been exile if the had used for a U.S. Passport. In fact, at the time of his death, Elvis had actually planned to walk on a europe tour. The only set foot on British floor once, when the airplane taking him ago to the U.S. Native Germany quit to refuel in ~ the airport. Elvis delighted in a two-hour stop before re-boarding the armed forces plane.

Elvis Was concerned Abraham Lincoln and Jimmy Carter


Elvis married Priscilla Ann Wagner in 1967 and also had a daughter, Lisa Marie, the following year. After your marriage dropped apart, the couple divorced in 1973 and Priscilla took custody the Lisa Marie. Elvis had actually a brief affair with the Swedish-American actress and also singer, Ann-Margret and Priscilla had an affair through black belt instructor and family friend, Mike Stone. While that is known that Elvis has family ties with presidents Jimmy Carter ( a remote cousin) and Abraham Lincoln ( a direct descendant that Abe’s great-great grandfather, Isaiah Harrison), there is likewise a suggest of time once the King embraced a chimpanzee named Scatter that was recognized for looking up women’s skirts. Of course, Elvis found this amusing and also would do a prank the end of acquiring his woman friends together so Scatter could create havoc amongst them.

Elvis never ever Wrote a solitary Song

Elvis recorded much more than 600 song in his music career yet did not create a single song (impossible to confirm, however he was offered co-writing credit transaction on many songs due to the fact that his label demanded songwriters offer up 50% that the credit before Presley would record it). No one of his attribute films or music documentaries were ever before nominated because that an Oscar in any type of category. He made 31 movies and two music documentaries. In fact, Elvis won three Grammy awards and also they were because that his gospel recordings. There to be a time as soon as Elvis auditioned because that an amateur gospel quartet dubbed the Songfellows and also he to be turned down. Regardless, Elvis Presley made an influential change to the method we watch rock-and-roll, declared the title together The King of Rock and continues to inspire young absent artists today.

Elvis got a bureau of Narcotics and also Dangerous Drugs argorial from Nixon


In one of the many secretive, and perhaps, bizarre celebrity-political meetings of all time chairman Richard Nixon provided Elvis a narcotic Officer’s badge. Elvis take it pride in his collection of honorary police badges from roughly the country, and also thought this badge would certainly be the proud of them all. He delivered a handwritten letter come the White house requesting the badge. He later on met through the President and told that he thought the Beatles to be encouraging anti-American sentiment, and also that by offering him a badge he might counter the movement. For this reason naturally, Richard Nixon gave him a badge. In return, Elvis provided Nixon a handgun from human being War II, that he somehow got past secret Service.

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Elvis when Ate The same Meal For two Years Straight

Even prior to he was having troubles with excessive weight at the finish of his career, Presley to be a incredible eater. In his 20’s that told nation Song Roundup Magazine that he can destroy eight luxurious cheeseburgers, two bacon-lettuce-and-tomato sandwiches and three milkshakes in one sitting! over there was also a time where Elvis ate nothing but meatloaf, tomatoes, and also mashed potato for two years straight!

Elvis once Tipped His Limo Driver The Limo

Larry King when told a story on his present that to be told to him by Elvis’ manager, Colonel Parker. The story goes choose this: While functioning in Miami Beach, a limo driver picked up Elvis native a helipad upon arrival to take it him come the convention facility to perform. He later picked increase Elvis to drive him back to the helicopter. In ~ the finish of the 10 block trip, the asked the limo driver if he own the limo or if the firm did. The driver responded he was an employee the the company. Elvis supposedly then said, “you now own it” and also tipped the limo driver the limousine.