SOCOM: mass of war casualties might be operators however SOF readiness is in ~ all-time highThe toy fee on U.S. Unique operators and their enablers is top top a pace to be worse 보다 last year.

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The casualties are the highest because the mission to Afghanistan scaled down in 2015 and adjusted names from procedure Enduring freedom to procedure Freedom’s Sentinel.

The vault highest annual death toll for U.S. Troops because the new mission began was got to last year. In 2014, about 40 U.S. Troops were killed.

This September, peace negotiations between the Taliban and also U.S. Diplomats broke down ~ an uptick in Taliban violence motivated President Donald Trump come halt the talks. However, the president said in November that the talks had actually resumed to some degree and also promised an eventual U.S. Withdrawal.

Kyle Rempfer is an editor and also reporter whose investigations have actually covered combat operations, criminal cases, foreign military assistance and training accidents. Prior to entering journalism, Kyle served in U.S. Air pressure Special Tactics and deployed in 2014 to Paktika Province, Afghanistan, and also Baghdad, Iraq.


3rd military clinical team sent out to Michigan amid COVID surgeThe nurses, doctors and respiratory therapists will certainly assist commitment Healthcare in Saginaw starting Dec. 12.

Email shutdown looms because that 250,000 personnel, and also the army has no fix yet military G-6 officials might be running out of time to ensure junior soldiers preserve official email addresses.


Remains that sailor eliminated in Pearl harbor identifiedThe continues to be of an Ohio seafarer who died practically 80 years back during the Japanese assault on Pearl Harbor have actually been identified.
Army launches inquiry into startling NFL video game flyover by ft Campbell pilotsA an elderly Army aviator is looking right into whether the soldiers who executed the flyover violated any kind of regulations.
Russia sends out missiles close to Pacific islands asserted by JapanThe Bastion equipment were relocated to Matua, a deserted volcano island in the center of the chain.
Air force veteran defrauded VA that $2 million by buying, offering CPAP devicesKevin Rumph Jr., the Fairburn, Georgia, was ordered Dec. 1 to pay $2,041,733.62 in restitution and sentenced come 27 months imprisonment adhered to by three years of managed release.
VA i will not ~ fire employees because that refusing the COVID vaccine till after the holidaysThe deadline for some VA employees to get vaccinated passed two months ago.
Army reports the most racist extremism cases, Marines the many anti-governmentThe services fielded numerous reports of extreme in the first nine months of this year.

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Money because that Afghan refugees yet not armed forces pay rise in latest federal budget planThe budget setup would prevent a partial government shutdown set for Friday night.