MISSION, Kan. (AP) — just when the U.S. Shows up on the verge that rolling the end a COVID-19 vaccine, the numbers have come to be gloomier than ever: over 3,000 American deaths in a single day, much more than top top D-Day or 9/11. One million brand-new cases in the span of 5 days. Much more than 106,000 human being in the hospital.

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The crisis throughout the country is pushing clinical centers come the breaking suggest and leaving employee members and also public health officials shed out and also plagued by tears and nightmares.

All told, the situation has left more than 290,000 civilization dead nationwide, with much more than 15 million shown infections.

The U.S. Tape-recorded 3,124 deaths Wednesday, the highest one-day full yet, follow to Johns Hopkins University. Up until last week, the optimal was 2,603 deaths on April 15, when brand-new York City was the epicenter of the nation’s outbreak. The recent number is topic to revision up or down.

Wednesday’s toll eclipsed American deaths ~ above the opening day the the Normandy invasion during world War II: 2,500, out of part 4,400 allied dead. And it topped the toll fee on Sept. 11, 2001: 2,977.

New situations per day are running at all-time highs of end 209,000 top top average. And the number of people in the hospital with COVID-19 is setting records almost every day.

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A U.S. Federal government advisory dashboard convened on Thursday to decide whether come endorse mass use of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine to help conquer the outbreak. Relying on how rapid the FDA indications off ~ above the panel’s recommendation, shots could start within days, inaugurating the biggest vaccination campaign in U.S. History.

In St. Louis, respiratory therapist Joe Kowalczyk said he has actually seen whole floors the his hospital fill up through COVID-19 patients, some of them two to a room. He stated the it is provided of ventilators is dwindling, and also the perform is so thin the colleagues ~ above one shift had come ventilate one patience by utilizing a BiPAP machine, similar to the gadgets used to treat sleep apnea.

When the goes residence to sleep during the day at the end of his grueling overnight shifts, the sometimes has nightmares.

“I would be sleeping and I would be working in a unit and things would go completely wrong and also I would shock myself awake. They would certainly be very visceral and really vivid,” he said. “It would just really spook me.”

In new Orleans, city wellness Director Dr. Jennifer Avegno described a recent visit to a hospital wherein she watched doctors, nurses, respiratory tract therapists and also others hazard exposure to the an illness in a long, effective attempt to save a dice COVID-19 patient. Some broke down in tears afterward, she said.

“These are seasoned emergency and an essential care personnel,” she said. “We carry out not cry really often — and also especially no a variety of us every at once.”

She cited “the sheer exhaustion of giving their every for similar patients over and over and also over again for the past nine months, coupled v the knowledge that much of this might be prevented through really an easy measures.”

In Virginia, Gov. Ralph Northam, a doctor by training, announced a midnight curfew and also expanded mask rules to call for the wearing of face coverings outdoors, not just inside.

Ellen DeGeneres, meanwhile, ended up being one the the latest celebrities to it is in infected with the virus, despite she said she is “feeling fine ideal now.” production on her talk display was put on hold until January, and reruns will air in the meantime.

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AP nationwide Writer Jocelyn Noveck in new York added to this report. Linked Press journalists from about the globe added to this report.

Left: Registered nurse Tamara Jones dressed in personal Protective equipment (PPE), together the global outbreak the the coronavirus an illness (COVID-19) continues, leaves the isolation room that a covid optimistic patient in the intensive care unit in ~ Roseland ar Hospital top top the south Side the Chicago, Illinois, U.S., December 8, 2020. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton