El Paso, Texas is home to ft Bliss, which includes more than a million acre of land throughout Texas and new Mexico. The ft Bliss Training facility is component of the biggest Department that Defense “controlled airspace” in the world according to the official site.

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Fort Bliss, El Paso boasts more than 50 cultivate areas, 58 live-fire ranges, nearly two thousands tank trails, and also a variety of cultivate missions.

Find information about Fort Bliss including the key commercial and also DSN numbers because that the base, information on an easy services, basic transportation, lodging because that TDY and also PSCing personnel, and inprocessing.

Fort Bliss Mission & Units

Fort Bliss is the largest army installation in united States army Forces Command, also known together FORSCOM. It’s 2nd in dimension Army-wide only to White Sands Missile range and is recognized for artillery testing, missile firing, and also the 1st Armored division calls fort Bliss home after relocating ago to the United states from a 40 year visibility in Germany. Fort Bliss is also the ar of the El Paso knowledge Center, i m sorry is a federally operated tactical intelligence center.

Units and also missions at ft Bliss include, however are not restricted to:

1 Armored department Artillery11th waiting Defense artillery Brigade1st ad Sustainment Brigade1st Armored Division 1st Brigade2nd Brigade Combat Team, first Armored Division31st Combat organization Hospital32nd military Air Missile Defense Command3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division5th Armored BrigadeBrigade Modernization CommandFort Bliss NCO AcademyGerman Air force Training UnitHHB GARRISONJoint Task pressure NorthMobilization and Deployment BrigadeUS military Sergeants major Academy

Fort Bliss History

The installation obtained its’ begin in 1848. Named after LTC wilhelm Bliss (the son-in-law of chairman Zachary Taylor), the an initial troops stationed there belonged come the 3rd Infantry Regiment. At the time the environment was known only as “the short article opposite El Paso) until 1854 once it to be re-named fort Bliss.

It was home to the 15th cavalry Brigade during the mexican Revolution, and also during civilization War 2 the installation’s mission had anti-aircraft battalion cultivate (including the usage of target drones) and also later offered as a POW / internment camp because that Japanese, German, and also Italian Americans who were at the time thought to it is in potential dangers to the war effort.

After civilization War Two, a team of rocket scientists pertained to Fort Bliss to work on V-2 test launches, and also there was also advancement work top top something known as the Hermes B2 ramjet yet that was later on cancelled.

Fort Bliss throughout The Cold War

With the Cold War’s focus on missile defense, fort Bliss became an ext and more important. The installation to be responsible for training thousands of soldiers in anti-aircraft operations, wait defense, and related areas. In 1957, the military Air Defense facility opened at the installation, which included operations together as military Air Defense School, 6th Artillery Group, and also 61st Ordnance Group.

Desert war Training At fort Bliss

In the 1980s, the installation to be the ar troops attending army Ranger institution would receive desert war training. There was some back-and-forth with Ranger school desert training operations; the facility would certainly be transferred to a Utah facility because that a few years before returning to fort Bliss until the army Ranger Desert training part was discontinued in the mid 1990s.

That was additionally the era ft Bliss became the residence of the Army’s Patriot Missile program. Patriot missiles play a an important role in the Gulf War and Operation Desert Storm.

Fort Bliss after 9/11

After the 9/11 attacks, fort Bliss, El Paso was critical deployment center and served as a maintain base for Afghanistan security forces. In 2005, the base Realignment and also Closure board of directors (BRAC) recommended the installation be used as a training base for heavy armor units and also that decision result in more than 10 thousand troops indigenous the first Armored department being moved from Germany to the El Paso installation.

BRAC additionally recommended moving other goals out of ft Bliss consisting of the waiting Defense artillery School and also the Patriot Missile program.

Fort Bliss Contacts

Main attend to and Phone

Building #5400Fort Bliss, TX, united States79916-0000

915-568-2121(DSN) 915-568-3215Fax 915-569-5466Fax (DSN) 312-978-4357

Important ft Bliss phone call Numbers

Abuse reporting 915-568-2115Adjutant general 915-568-3301Airfield work 915-744-8088Airline Ticket Office 800-444-5254Airport Courtesy Patrol 915-562-3606Army neighborhood Services 915-569-4227Army Emergency Relief 915-744-2559Army assist Line 915-568-2121Army substance Abuse regimen (ASAP) 915-744-5148Association of the U.S. Military 915-309-0276Casualty Office 915-568-2903Chaplain 915-568-1519Child and Youth services (CDC) 915-568-5689Criminal Investigation department 915-568-1700Dental Clinic 915-742-3303Dining framework 915-568-0435Education services 915-744-1333El Paso Intelligence facility 915-760-2000Energy Office 915-568-5170 915-861-7503Finance 915-741-7917 915-741-7918Hazardous materials Facility 915-744-2414Hotels, ft Bliss (IHG Hotels) 915-565-7777 many hotels (Residence Inn, ASYMCA) 915-562-8461Hotlines (Fraud, Waste and Abuse) 915-744-4766 301-837-3500Household products (in) 915-568-4339Household goods (out) 915-568-9699Junior Enlisted Family facility 915-568-7291Legal help 915-568-7141Military entrance Processing center 915-568-3505Military pay 915-791-7917 915-791-7918 915-791-7919Military Police 915-744-9311/1237/9128Morale, Welfare & Recreation 915-568-3500Official travel Passport Office 915-569-7326/5911Passport section 915-569-5911Public affairs Office (Division) windy Affairs Office (Garrison) 915-744-8406 915-744-8492 915-744-8435 915-568-4505Red Cross, American 915-568-4898Restoration & Resilience center 915-742-3602Retirement solutions Office 915-569-5204 915-569-6233Shuttle, post Bus 915-569-5652Soldier/Family care Clinics 915-569-2273Transportation family Goods – in 915-568-4339Household items – out 915-568-9699Vehicle it is registered (State) 915-562-6602Veterans affairs Health treatment 915-564-6100Veterinary solutions 915-742-2266

Fort Bliss bordering Area

El Paso, Texas is a border town, and also there space plenty that multi-cultural attractions, historic sites, and significant sports centers come explore. Hueco Tanks is a historic site featuring ancient cave paintings, rock climbing, and self-guided tours of the area. Camping and also hiking methods in El Paso abound consisting of Franklin hills State Park.

The Plaza Theatre is an important historical live venue in El Paso, and also the area attributes several military-themed museums consisting of the fort Bliss and also Old Ironsides museums.

College football enthusiasts will certainly love the e college of Texas in ~ El Paso stadium known as The sun Bowl, house to the UTEP Miners of Conference USA. Together the stadium’s name suggests this stadium hosts the December college football contest, The sunlight Bowl.

Fort Bliss Inprocessing and Check-In

All new arrivals will must visit the Welcome Center/Personnel Processing facility at Bldg 505 ~ above Pershing Road. This facility is open up 24 hours a day but in-processing procedures are conducted starting at 8:45 during normal duty days.

Those who space reporting for duty at the wilhelm Beaumont army Medical Center, or as students / permanent party for the unified States army Sergeants significant Academy will likewise report Welcome center Bldg 505 on Pershing Rd.

Certain documentation is forced to it is in hand-carried come in-processing including:

201 fileMedical recordsDental recordsLeave form10 copies of pcs orders and also amendments

Fort Bliss Services

Health Care

Fort Bliss, El Paso is offered by the william Beaumont army Medical Center, the Soldier family Medical Clinic, Bliss Soldier Family treatment Center, and also the Hugo V. Mendoza Clinic.

The Beaumont army Medical facility features the U.S. Army’s first residential therapy facility because that substance and alcohol abuse; it likewise runs a local trauma unit. Services encompass preventive medicine, psychological health, and pharmacy operations. There is additionally a full-service VA hospital situated nearby.

Child Care

Fort Bliss child treatment services space operated through Child breakthrough Centers on the key post, add to Logan Heights and East Bliss. Child treatment is obtainable for full day, half day and hourly needs; there space before and also after college programs for kindergarten v sixth-grade add to preschool programs.

School age kids are likewise eligible because that weekly care; those in the first grade or higher can it is in enrolled in before/after school programs plus institution break periods consisting of summer vacation.

There is likewise a family Child care option, defined as in-home care readily available by adult treatment providers that reside on-post.

Household Goods

All personnel PCSing to ft Bliss are directed come manage and also track their family members goods shipping via The Defense personal Property device at Move.mil. Relying on the branch that service, armed forces members can also get assistance related to family members goods shipments and entitlements:

Navy: 855-HHG-MOVE (855-444-6683)Marine Corps: 703-695-7765Air Force: 210-652-3357

For additional assistance every personnel may additionally contact the fort Bliss personal Property Shipping Office in ~ 915-568-4339.

ID Card rebirth For Dependents, Retirees, energetic Duty

Those who need to renew, replace, or get brand-new military id cards, Common access Cards, dependent ID, or retiree IDs space directed to do an appointment utilizing the RAPIDS system. Ft Bliss does allow walk-ins and emergency inquiry that have not been booked using RAPIDS, but there are an extensive waiting times for these unscheduled services.

Fort Bliss Schools

Fort Bliss features an on-post high school and also four primary school schools; these framework are operation by the El Paso Independent school District. For those living exterior the installation over there are plenty of other college districts in El Paso including:

El Paso (featuring the largest number of military students)SocorroGadsdenYsletaCanutilloSan ElizarioClintAnthonyFabensTornillo

Contact the fort Bliss institution Liaison office for assistance with local school concerns at 915-569-5064.

Fort Bliss Housing

Permanent party army members reporting to fort bliss must check in v the real estate Services Office (HSO). This should be done before any kind of off-post permanent real estate is arranged, otherwise armed forces leave time may be charged for the whole house searching period.

The ft Bliss HSO can assist brand-new arrivals with momentary lodging and permanent rental or acquisition options. Fort Bliss Family residences manages the installation’s privatized housing; over there are much more than 4,000 real estate units in nineteen neighborhoods open to all ranks.

Fort Bliss PCS and TDY Lodging

Those PCSing or comes to fort Bliss TDY are authorized to usage the Lodging Office Intercontinental Hotels group (IHG)-Army Hotel.

It is forced to remain at the fort Bliss IHG if there room rooms available, otherwise armed forces members must obtain a Certificate the Non-Availability to record with their travel voucher to it is in reimbursed because that off-base momentary lodging elsewhere. IHG is the main check-in place for all momentary lodging needs. Make appointments at 565-7777.

Fort Bliss Transportation

The ft Bliss Welcome facility van supplies shuttles come the installation from El Paso worldwide Airport and also El Paso windy transportation business includes bus paths run in and out of fort Bliss. Local taxi service can also be hired because that traveling on and also off post.

Fort Bliss automobile Registration and also Driver’s License

New arrivals to ft Bliss room directed to register privately own vehicles in ~ the vehicle Registration Office at building 503, located next to the installation Welcome Center.

A present license, proof of insurance, and also proof of a auto inspection are required. Vehicles are required to prevent at the entrance gates and a 100% ID check may be required relying on security levels and other concerns.

Texas state regulation requires every drivers carry minimum car insurance and also all vehicles entering and also exiting the base are subject to possible random searches or inspections.

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The Texas department of windy Safety has a basic on the environment to help military members and also their families attain Texas driver’s licenses and also more. Do an meeting or get more information in ~ (915) 568-8631.