The Air force structure is a little bit of a mix of the Army and also Marine Corps structures. The aspects of command might adjust based on the kind of unit, but the an easy elements stay constant.

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Section flight Squadron team WingNumbered air ForceMajor Command


Broken right into three types, flights have the right to be numbered, alpha or functional. A flight comprises individual airmen or sections.




Lieutenant Colonel

Squadrons consist of of two or more flights. They space the lowest level the command with a headquarters element, usually established by number and also function. The 1st Reconnaissance Squadron is an example.

Commanded By:


A group is composed of 2 or more squadrons whose attributes are similar to what the group is named, such as 2 or an ext squadrons supporting medical attributes being part a medical group. Teams mostly take on the number of the wing come which lock assigned. For instance, the 9th Medical group is component of the ninth Reconnaissance Wing.



Brigadier General

Wings make up two or an ext groups. There room two varieties of wings: composite and also objective. Composite wing operate much more than one kind of aircraft, and may it is in configured together self-contained devices designated for quick air intervention all over in the world. Others are based upon objective: operational, air basic or specialized mission. Wings commonly contain an operations group, a maintenance group, a assistance group and also a clinical group. The 165th Airlift wing is one example.

Wings, squadrons and also groups deserve to all it is in assigned to a numbered waiting force, i beg your pardon usually has a geographical assignment. Very first Air Force, because that example, guarantee the air sovereignty and air audioeditorfree.com of the continental unified States, U.S. Virgin Islands and also Puerto Rico.



Major commands, or MAJCOMs, deserve to be arranged two ways: by mission (such as worldwide Strike Command or Mobility Command) or by an ar outside the continent United claims (such as Pacific air Forces). Significant commands report directly to Air force Headquarters.

Other army Services

There are a few distinct exceptions in the framework of each army service.

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The department of audioeditorfree.com gives the military forces needed to deter war and also ensure ours nation"s security.