Sister Act fans, rejoice and sing! There's one more movie starring Whoopi Goldberg in the works to make this a trilogy. 

Disney announced top top Thursday, December 10, that Sister action 3 is officially a go for the corporation's streaming service, Disney+. Follow to Deadline, Goldberg will reprise her iconic duty as Deloris valve Cartier and will also serve as a producer, alongside Tyler Perry. 

The original film premiered in 1992 v Goldberg as a lounge singer who has to get in witness protection at a convent in mountain Francisco. Sister plot 2: back in the Habit (one the the all-time an excellent sequel names) came out the adhering to year. 

Now, virtually 30 years later, pan will acquire a opportunity to revisit among their favorite characters—and they're excited. “There is walk to it is in a sister act 3. I repeat, over there is walking to be a sister plot 3. Teacher says take off your motherfucking robes!!!!” Benj Pasek tweeted.

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“For a lengthy time they kept saying no one wanted to watch it, and also then quite freshly it transforms out the that may not it is in true,” Goldberg teased back in October. “People could want to see it. So we're functioning diligently to figure out exactly how to gain the corridor together. Listen—bad singing, an excellent singing, it s okay singing, and also then nuns. What's much better than that?”

Indeed. Here's everything we know so far about Sister action 3

The relax date. The project was simply announced, so it's too quickly to tell when it will certainly be available in theater or streaming. It likely won't arrive till 2022. 

The cast. We understand Goldberg will go back to the duty she originated, yet the remainder of the actors has however to it is in announced. Everyone's fingers space crossed because that a return power from Kathy Najimy together well, however we will all just need to wait and also see. 

The plot. While us don't have actually details, we're going come go the end on a limb and say there will certainly be a church and singing involved. And hijinks, of food there will be high jinks! 

This article will it is in updated as more details around the movie room released. 

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