Travis Scott is top top the covering of the recent Rolling Stones Magazine, which complied with the rapper for a job in Houston.

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We don’t really recognize when the interview, which lasted a whole day v a journalist in contact with the rapper. In between Facetime v Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott was able to talk around his nearby circle and here is what to remember.

His facility relationship with his father

At Travis Scott’s, it to be his mommy who remained in charge of pass the money home. His father, that was unemployed, was a source of “big tension” for him. Travis Scott described that when he make beats in his room, his father also tried to record music, saying, “Cut the sound, I’m trying to record! ». A great frustration because that the young boy that added, “He had all this supervisor cool equipment and also he wouldn’t let me usage it. The author of the short article then points out that his partnership with his father has improved and also that everything is now going well between them.

He owes his at an early stage career come an technician from Kanye West

This interview is additionally an possibility for Travis Scott to explain precisely just how he came to good Music. During his youth, he spent many of his bag money on music equipment and transportation to Los Angeles or brand-new York. He come in contact with a details Anthony Kilhoffer who he had seen top top the credits of a Kanye West album and showed him his work about a coffee in Hollywood. A few years later, Kilhoffer simply offered him to do his dream come true, signing on great Music by participating in the album Cruell Summer 2012. He taped Sin City v CyHi Da Prince, Teyana Taylor and John Legend, names that speak volumes around the importance of the label in the people of rap.


Marcus, his autistic brother, contributed a lot come his growth.

A quite rare thing, Travis Scott took the time to talk around his older brothers Marcus explaining: “He have the right to wash, walk, but he can’t really speak or articulate and communicate” before his childhood friend, Nate, added “We can say that his mind is elsewhere”. However, his brother would be an excellent at drawing according come Travis “He draws super in-depth Power rangers in pencil without any type of erasure”. Every year, the rapper likewise buys the a Beyoncé album, also if she doesn’t have a relax this year, it’s the routine that binds her through his brother now under help all day long.

He’s still no comfortable v Kanye West’s rally in Trump.

The interviewer inquiry him about Kanye West’s ambiguous connection with Trump. Reportedly embarrassed through the question, Travis Scott explained to him the the young black neighborhood in the United states saw in that a model and that this rapprochement made anyone confused, even him his brother-in-law. The rapper then added that that is quiet a genius musician.

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At the end of the interview, Travis Scott also said the he plan to do the Astroworld Festival an yearly event and that that is of course functioning on new music. You can read the entirety interview ~ above the rojo Stones website.