As Wahlburgers continues to height charts as among A&E’s most well-known shows, part viewers can have part trouble keeping track of who who. Yet it’s understandable. Kind of like Dorchester-meets-the-Kardashians, Wahlburgers has actually a facility family tree mixed in through a bunch of added personalities—and they’re every under the power of one kooky mother.

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For those of you non-Blockheads who don’t know your Donnies from her Pauls, or her Nachos from your Dramas, here’s a overview to the Wahlburgers family:

Alma: The Name


Alma, that lends her surname to Paul’s restaurant Alma Nove, is frequently the voice the reason. However actually, she is the reason to watch the show. While Mark, Donnie, and Paul have actually a lot to say about each other, Alma actually has the real dirt. And also she’s the summary of your standard Bostonian grandma, the kind with the finest red sauce recipe and also who probably used come smoke a pack a day. If you really require to pick a Wahlberg to love ~ above this show, choose Alma.

Paul: The Brains


Paul is the mental behind the Wahlburgers restaurant operation. He’s the most rational, i m sorry doesn’t always work in his favor. His opinions are frequently overshadowed through Mark and also Donnie’s, but at the finish of the day, Paul it s okay the last shot by simply saying that he to know what the hell he’s doing.

Mark: The Backbone


If Paul is the one with the logic, mark is the one steering the family to get where they need to be. He’s obtained a many of concepts on his plate, and also likes to seek every single one the them all at once. Whatever is a competition to him…because he’s mark Wahlberg.

Donnie: The Voice


While Paul and Mark are the two go-getters, Donnie is very much the guy who sit in the backseat spreading remarks come the males up front. He’s the peanut gallery. His opinions top top the company are not frequently taken seriously, yet boy, can he promote. The only instances as soon as his advice is noted are when Mark and also Paul space butting heads.

Bob: The Unknown actor Brother


The seventh son of nine, Bob makes frequent appearances top top the display in season 3. He is sassy and sometimes funny, however gives off a don’t-miss-with-me vibe. Don’t forget, though, that you understand him indigenous his little roles in The Departed, and also most recently, The Judge.

Jim: The runner Brother


The very first thing you’ll an alert about Jim is his special Boston accent. He is a proud Dorchester native, and also the executive director of the note Wahlberg Youth Foundation. That ran the 2014 Boston Marathon, and also A&E recorded the whole family work in a one-of-a-kind summer episode of Wahlburgers.

Arthur: The…Other Brother


We don’t understand much about Arthur as well as he irregular appearances on the show. That puts around his family’s homes, help Paul the end occasionally. He stays in Worcester, Mass.

Brandon: The Kid


In situation you didn’t know, Brandon is an pure hoot. The nephew the Paul, Donnie, Mark and also the rest, Brandon is a Dorchester lad the likes sports, is right into girls, and, together a finish ham, definitely takes ~ his uncles.

Nacho: The Stooge


It’s difficult not to sympathize v Henry “Nacho” Laun. He’s part of Mark’s friend group, and also is clearly the one the gets laughed at as the stereotypical small, chubby, birdbrained guy. He is most well-known for his uncanny capability to eat obscure, inedible things, i m sorry is both amusing and concerning.

Drama: The Rascal


Johnny “Drama” Alves is a “cuzin” the Mark, and has been an aspiring actor due to the fact that their Funky Bunch days. ~ above the show, he’s Mark’s sidekick to a smaller extent, but is mainly a general prankster, a Nacho provoker, and an acute entertainer.

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Kari: The strange One Out


It’s hard to ar Kari in the Wahlberg dynamic. She’s no a long-time childhood friend, nor a blood relative, yet serves as Paul’s “assistant”—although no one is sure what that entails exactly. But Kari serves her function as the other consistent female personality as well as Alma. And as Alma is the force, Kari is the supporter.